Our braveheart
As we give thanks for all that we have
A little heart beckons
Join us as we cheer the spirit of giving
A festival of light
Let’s not give up our fight
Nine-year-old Vaishnavi Shelke lives in Latur, Maharashtra with her younger brother, mother Vaishali and father Netaji. Her mother gets her dressed every morning, hair doused in oil she prefers to keep it short as it calls for easier maintenance! Vaishnavi fusses over her breakfast most mornings, impatient to be with her friends. Her father walks her to school and her day as a fourth grader starts. Vaishnavi is brilliant academically but struggles to play with her peers. She gets breathless. Her friends are very understanding and often take time out from their playtime and just sit with Vaishnavi and talk to save her from exertion.
The school conducted a routine check-up for all children and Vaishnavi was detected with a murmur in the heart. Netaji and Vaishali were called into school and referred to Jupiter Hospital in Pune. Within days they put together the money for travel and hospital costs and took their daughter for an echo. The results showed that she is suffering from an atrial septal defect, a hole in between the upper chambers of the heart. This was also probably why she has been on the lower percentile with weight gain as per her age.
The family have been struggling with money for months as drought has crippled their income. Netaji works as a farmer and brings home Rs 4166 every month. Even basic needs are met with great difficulty, there are many days where the parents do not eat just to ensure their children get sufficient food. Both Vaishali and Netaji were sat and counselled about the necessity of an open-heart surgery, the only saving grace for their daughter. The cost has been estimated at Rs 1.15 Lakhs, an unimaginable amount for the family to incur. They pleaded with their friends and family for help and managed to put together Rs 10,000.
The balance amount required for Vaishnavi’s open-heart surgery is Rs 105,000 (USD 1479) without which they will not be able to commit to saving their daughter’s life at Jupiter Hospital.
Every donation goes towards bringing bright rays of hope into the family’s life at a time they feel helpless. Donate now, let’s give them a reason to celebrate during this festive season.
With Gratitude
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