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June 2018
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Our Hope Program tackled four incredibly challenging cases
Baby of Manjusha
Manjusha’s baby is now a little over a month old, and in this brief span of time he has already had a taste of just how difficult life can be. But hopefully he has also learnt, that sometimes - trying times occur just so we can appreciate the strength of a miracle.
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Fifteen-year-old John is the fourth of six children of Dhanam and Vadivel, from Thanjavur district in Tamil Nadu. Studying in the 11th standard, a routine school health check-up revealed a murmur in his heart. The doctor referred John to Miot Hospital in Chennai for further evaluation.
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After a boy, who turned out to be a handful, Sakeena was delighted to welcome into the world, and introduce her son Murshid to his baby sister. However two days after she was born, Sakeena’s baby, a six month old girl from Mannarkad, Palakkad in Kerala had a cyanosis detected, followed by an apnea on the 4th day.
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Thirteen-year old Safna Thesni, lives in Malappuram in Kerala. She celebrates her birthday on 26th March, but till now every birthday has not been a normal one for her.
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Dr. L. Subramaniam is the only musician who has performed/recorded Karnatic Classical Music, Western Classical Music, both Orchestral and non-Orchestral, and composed for and conducted major Orchestras, scored for films, collaborated with a wide range of some of the greatest musicians.
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It's All in our Heart!
By : Priyal, who helped set up the Aara Project with us
My husband & I have been self-made professionals for more than a decade. Have had the privilege of being educated in some of the premier institutions, found...
Caring for little hearts
By : Dr Smita Mishra, Additional Director, Pediatric Cardiology, Jaypee Hospital
Congenital heart disease is the most common but often undetected contributory factor to infant mortality, world-over. The approximate incidence ...
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