The Zen Factor

At Genesis Foundation we are guided by these words of Mother Teresa, “We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.” Each contribution goes a long way in ensuring that a child in need does not lose the battle to Congenital Heart Defects (CHD) merely due to a lack of funds.

Genesis Foundation facilitates hospital visits for friends of the foundation, as well as anyone wanting to know more about the work we do as a children’s healthcare foundation. For a children’s heart foundation, India is often a difficult space to work, due to the low awareness on CHD. Thus any opportunity to engage with more people on the issue of CHD is one that we, as a children’s healthcare foundation, take very seriously and responsibly.

Recently, Poonam Nagpal, who along with her husband Harit Nagpal, has been closely associated with our foundation, went for a hospital visit, and wrote in a few lines about her experience and observations.

Read on to find out what she has to say:

The Zen Factor

To see children (and their parents) smile, to know you contributed something for that smile, gives one a feeling of ultimate joy and internal satisfaction. This was the feeling I was over powered by today after visiting Jupiter Hospital’s, Pediatric Cardiology unit.

Thank you, Genesis Foundation for this opportunity and for your amazing work of finding and creating happiness while working towards bringing change in people’s lives with practical solutions.
The calm, beautiful and innocent faces of little angels had a smile in-spite of their physical pain conveying – ‘it’s a new day, it’s a new world.’

The happy sight of a three-year-old, joyfully riding a toy bicycle truly proves that kids do not hang on to their injuries, they do not focus on their pain for long. Hence, they process through limitations quicker than adults.

The calm, rested and smiling sight of the children in the ICU ward clearly showed the determination and great sincerity of the amazing job done by the members of the GF. It warms my heart to know that what GF is doing has gone all over the country & brings many blessings to the foundation.

What a privilege it is, to be a part of such an amazing foundation, filled with such amazing people!

Genesis Foundation is fortunate to have so many socially responsible citizens be a part of its vision to Save Little Hearts. With the incidence of CHD being a significant contributor to infant mortality, for a children’s heart foundation, India is an important space to work in. We not only provide financial aid to those families whose children are in need, but also organise medical screening camps through which we hope to raise awareness levels amongst grass-root level workers to ensure the earliest possible detection of CHD so that many more little lives can be saved.

If you would like to visit a hospital to understand the work that we do, do get in touch with us. Alternately if you would like to contribute to save a little heart visit the Give section of our website the link to which you can find here:

– Contributed by Poonam Nagpal (GF Supporter) and Ranjini Nair (Content Team)

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