An Eye-Opening Visit

One of our most recent CSR partners to have come on board is The Himalaya Drug Company, whose Head of International Ops Support and Logistics took out the time to meet little Manthan Wankhede, and to find out what it is that happens behind the scenes:

While I have known for a while about Genesis Foundation (GF) and the work that it does in order for underprivileged children to have access to Paediatric cardiac treatment, I was yet to experience it first-hand. It is this thought that urged me on to make a hospital visit to SRCC Hospital in Mumbai. While I was sure that the organisation would be one that carried out its operations in a thoroughly professional manner, what I hadn’t expected was the warmth and empathy that they displayed towards the families that they help.

I was met by Amit, Assistant Programme Manager from GF, as soon as I reached SRCC and was introduced to Ankit Shrimali, the Manager CSR/SRCC. I was then taken to the recovery room in which Manthan Wankhede was resting. I was not prepared for the onslaught of feelings I was about to encounter, and it was an emotional moment to meet the parents of this little boy.

Urged on by the GF team, his mother narrated the story of how she noticed Manthan’s fingernails turning blue and how he was in pain and kept crying. Alarmed, the family took Manthan to the hospital. Her heart sank, she said, when the doctor shared the diagnosis and costs of the surgery for CHD. The clouds only lifted, and the silver lining only revealed itself, when she was redirected to SRCC and consequently to Genesis Foundation for supporting the treatment. On June 30, it had been just four days since the surgery, but the child was well on the road to recovery. One can only imagine what a relief and blessing this must be for the family of Manthan, who, without the support of Genesis Foundation, which frequently organises events that allow one to donate towards heart disorder, would have been unable to afford the necessary paediatric cardiac care for Manthan. The plight of families in such a situation is indeed pitiable, and any organisation that works to alleviate the suffering of parents in the time of such distress is indeed commendable.

Kudos to the doctors at SRCC, and of course, the GF team. The passion and empathy of the entire team was quite evident, and I realized that’s what makes all the difference to underprivileged families. They’re already stricken by the trauma of unforeseen circumstances and just to have the reassurance of strong and friendly shoulders to lean on cushions them to a great extent. I urge everyone reading this to donate towards heart disorder, via Genesis Foundation to aid the incredible work that they do for underprivileged children with CHDs.

May the good work continue for Genesis Foundation and team as seamlessly as ever. Thank you for coordinating my first visit to meet a child supported by GF, and I look forward to meeting many more in the future who are supported by The Himalaya Drug Company.

– Blog contributed by
Humayun Farid
Head – International Ops Support & Logistics
The Himalaya Drug Company

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