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Read how Parvati and Shyamji never lost hope for their newborn daughter, who was diagnosed with CHD

Parvati and Shyamji were elated to be expecting their first child. However, their happiness seemed short-lived. Their newborn daughter began to turn blue right after her first cry, as she came into this world. The doctors then told the couple, that their baby was suffering from a congenital heart defect. Though shocked, they were determined not to lose hope. They were willing to go the extra mile and do whatever was in their power to find answers.

After the initial stabilization period, the baby was transferred to a private hospital where an echo revealed that she was suffering from a transposition of great arteries, a condition wherein the two main blood vessels of the body, the aorta and the pulmonary artery arise from the wrong chambers of the heart.

To salvage the situation and buy some more time for the baby, the doctors performed a procedure in the Cath Lab called Balloon Atrial Septostomy. In this an ASD is created in between the upper chamber of heart. As a result of the ASD the purer blood flows to the body and saturation improves. Shyamji made use of his hard-fought savings to pay for the procedure. After this procedure, the baby was referred to the SRCC NH children’s hospital, in Mumbai for the surgery. The parents were worried that they would be unable to pay for their baby’s surgery, with Shyamji earning only 9000 rupees per month as a courier delivery boy.

However, the intervention and contribution of generous donors ensured that the surgery could take place well in time, and that their baby is well on the road to recovery. In India around 12000 babies are born every year with Transposition of Great Arteries. Only 2000 of these children get operated.

Every contribution towards our cause can go a long way in helping such children, and being a part of the miracle that they truly deserve.