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Muhammed Musthafa

Two-month old Muhammed Musthafa is the fourth child of Ali Palliparamban and Jausira who live in Malappuram, Kerala. Instead of meeting him and celebrating his arrival, the parents were distressed to see him in the ICU because of his heart condition. The doctor advised an early surgery. Working hard as a daily wager to support his three daughters and wife on meagre earnings of about Rs 55,000 a year, Ali just could not understand what was happening. Accompanied by his wife, he ran from pillar to post, hoping that someone would come to their assistance. Their prayers were answered when they reached Amrita Institute two months later where Dr Krishna Kumar diagnosed Mustafa with Ventricular Septal Defect, a hole between the lower chambers of his heart. The doctor performed the surgery, which we could support financially through donations from Charities Aid Foundation America and Aara Project. Musthafa was discharged when his condition stabilized and has lived a healthy life since.


Nine-year-old, Mallikarjun is the second child of Jayshree and Praveen Kumar from Hyderabad. When he was just six-months-old, his parents noticed that he had blue discolouration of lips and difficulty in breathing. Worried about their baby boy’s health, they rushed to a nearby government hospital. An Echo was performed for a detailed analysis of Mallikarjun’s condition as the doctor at the hospital had suspected an issue in the child’s heart. The diagnosis revealed that the child had a hole in between the lower chambers of the heart and narrowing of Pulmonary Valve – a condition that was termed as Tetralogy of Fallot. While the diagnosis had cleared any doubts that the doctor had, Jayshree and Praveen were very confused when he gave medicines to their baby and told them to come back after a year. The parents had no other option but to follow the advice given to them. They took care of their son and waited for the given time, but the same incident was repeated the next year. He was struggling with his attendance at school, his condition was worsening which in turn was making the whole family jittery with anxiety and worry. Praveen, the father is a delivery boy and manages to amass an earning of Rs 7500 every month to sustain his family. He decided to find some concrete solution for his son’s suffering and consulted some private hospitals. The doctors at the hospital revaluated Mallikarjun’s heart and counselled for a surgery. Since arranging the sum required for this procedure was beyond the family’s means, help was sought from us. With funds raised through CAFA, we were able to get the child operated on time. Today, Mallikarjun is recovering very well and will resume his education in Class 3 of a government school within a couple of months.


Divya was born as the second child to Supriya Sinha and Ajay Kumar of Ramgarh in Jharkhand. The little girl came as a blessing for the family and all was well for the first six months. At six months of age, Divya developed pneumonia and the anxious parents rushed the baby girl to a district hospital. They were highly perplexed and worried when the doctor indicated that their daughter might be suffering from congenital heart disease, basis the murmur that he had heard in her heart. They were asked to go to Delhi for further evaluation of the child. However, travelling to Delhi with family was a tough task for Ajay, who is an auto driver and earns about Rs 4000 a month. The disheartened family decided to wait until the time they could save and gather some money to do the same. Fortunately, they did not have to wait for a long time as they came to know about a health camp that was being organized by the experts from the Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences in Patna. They brought little Divya to the camp for a check-up. The medical team performed an Echo for the child and the reports disclosed news that no parents would ever want to hear. Divya’s heart had a hole in between the lower two chambers as she was suffering from a Ventricular Septal Disorder (VSD). To treat the same, the doctors counselled the parents for an open-heart surgery of the baby girl. This procedure was to take place at AIMS in Kochi and the family finally brought the child to the said facility in an ambulance. While Rotary took care of the travel expense and other logistics, Divya's surgery was supported through the funds raised by CAFA. She was operated on successfully and is doing well today.


Three-year-old Mahalsa is the only child of Sruthi and Biju from Kozhikode in Kerala. About a year back she developed pneumonia and her parents took her to a local pediatrician where the doctor found she had irregular heartbeat. The parents were referred to Amrita Institute for further evaluation and management. The echo showed that Mahalsa had a hole in between the upper chambers of the heart – known as an Atrial Septal Defect (ASD). The parents were counselled for surgery. Biju is a carpenter, with a monthly earning of Rs 3000. He could not afford surgery, but with financial intervention from Genesis Foundation Mahalsa has been operated and is doing well.