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Kids Supported


Manish, four years old from Aligarh, is suffering from a congenital heart disorder called Tetralogy of Fallot and requires surgery at Max Hospital, in Saket. His mother Brijesh Devi stays at home and looks after her two children, while father Vijay is a labourer who brings home Rs 3000 per month. They need financial support to give Manish the surgery he deserves to get better and live the life he deserves.


Kanishka, eleven years old from Kerala, suffering from a heart disorder requires urgent surgery. She has been diagnosed with atrioventicular canal defect, and corrective surgery is the only prescribed treatment to save her. Her father Ramraj is a farmer and earns Rs 4000 per month. The cost of surgery was much more than what the family can afford, so they needed support to make the necessary payments to treat their daughter.

Baby of Rameena

Baby of Rameena was born on 17th January 2017 in Govt Woman and Children’s hospital in Kerala. She is the second baby in the family with birth weight of 2.85kg. Her parents noticed sweating and feeding difficulty soon after the birth. The baby was on CPAP for 24 hours and became quite ill with severe blueness of lips as the oxygen levels in her blood were very low. An Echo test was down which showed complex cyanotic congenital heart disease and since the government hospital does not have pediatric cardiac facility, she was referred to Amrita Hospital for further treatment. The baby was transported in an ambulance all the way accompanied by the father during the five-hour journey to Cochin. The baby was 4 days old when she was admitted into Amrita hospital. Upon arrival it was clear that the baby had Transposition of Great Arteries (TGA). In this disease, the main arteries of the heart are reversed. As a result, blue blood is pumped back into the body via the aorta instead of going to the lungs. The child needs a major emergency open heart Arterial Switch Operation. Her father, who is working in an old Iron shop in Kozhikode, could not afford the entire cost of surgery as he brings home a humble Rs 5000 every month. He has been trying his level best to raise money during the short period of time, since the surgery is very unexpected for the family. Dr Sunil will operate the baby on 31st January. The Pediatric Heart Program at Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences and the family are deeply thankful to Genesis Foundation, without their timely support, this operation would not have been possible.

Shyam Thakur

Shyam Thakur, six years old from Madhya Pradesh. He has been diagnosed with an Atrial Septal Defect (ASD) where he has a hole in the upper chamber of the heart that needs closure with a device in a Cath Lab at Juputer Hospital. Hismother Sumibhai is a housewife, who manages the four children she has with her husband, Nasim. He is a farmer who brings home Rs 4000 and needs financial support to make the payments at the hospital for his son’s life-saving surgery.

Baby of Fasna

Baby of Fasna, a baby boy was born on 13 December 2017 in a remote village in Kerala. What was an exciting day for Mr Muhammed Basheer and Fasna as they greeted their first-born quickly turned into their worst nightmare two days after birth when they returned home. The baby got breathless at night and was immediately transported to a local hospital. For a day he was kept under observation and then shifted to a bigger hospital – EMS hospital for further evaluation. An echo was conducted here and congenital heart disorder was the final diagnosis. The doctors once again suggested that the baby needed to be shift as a case of emergency by an ambulance to Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences to Kochi. He was accompanied by the doctor, a nurse and his father. Dr Krishna Kumar received the little baby in the IMCU (Intermediate Care Unit) and confirmed the diagnosis – Transposition of Great Arteries and he needed emergency surgery – an Arterial Switch Operation. Both parents were not emotionally or financially prepared for the surgery – Mr Muhammed is a daily wage worker who earns Rs 4500 per month he was in a panic when he heard the costs of surgery. The parents and us at GF are extremely grateful to our donor Radha Chadha who has supported this case and given the family a reason to hope, smile and truly celebrate the birth of their first born.


Nitara, eight months old from Gwalior in Uttar Pradesh is suffering from Truncus Arterious – a congenital heart disorder. She has two brothers, and her mother Jyoti is a housewife who manages the house and the children while her father Gajendra works hard as a labourer and brings home Rs 7500 per month. The baby's surgery took place at Jaypee Hospital and was supported by us. She was recovering at home, and many months later we heard the sad news that she was now in heaven, resting her little head. Our prayers are with her family.