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Kids Supported

Bhavesh Bhoi

Bhavesh Bhoi, four years old is from Maharashtra, and was suffering from Tetralogy of Fallot, a cardiac disorder. He underwent his first surgery a BT Shunt. As he turned four, he was due for another surgery where a branch of the Aorta, the Sub-Clavian Artery is connected to the Pulmonary Artery to increase the flow to the lungs and improve saturation levels. His father Yuvraj and mother Aruna have two children. Yuvraj is a farmer and brings home Rs 4000 per month with which it’s impossible to pay for surgery, so they reached out to us for support. We have supported this case, and Bhavesh is on the road to recovery.


Shifamiya, three years old from Kerala has been prescribed a surgical closure of an Atrial Septal Defect (ASD), a congenital heart disorder at Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences in Kochi. Her mother Sulfath and father Hameed have four children together and make ends meet on a daily basis with Hameed’s salary of Rs 5000 that he earns working hard as a driver. It is impossible for them to bear the costs of surgery whilst looking after a fairly large family. We are dedicated in supporting this case and ensure Shifamiya gets the treatment she requires to live.

Arohi Harankar

Arohi Harankar, nearly two years old lives in Jalgaon in Maharashtra with her mother Madhuri and father Swapnil. She has been diagnosed with a congenital heart disorder called a Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD) and requires surgical closure. This has been scheduled at SRCC NH Hospital, in Mumbai which her parents unfortunately cannot afford. Swapnil is a laborer and brings home Rs 2000 per month, with which day-to-day expenses are difficult, high costs of surgery are completely unimaginable. They have reached out to us for financial support and we are committed in providing this for Arohi’s surgery.

Baby of Jaseela

Baby of Jaseela, seven months old from Kozhikode, has been suffering from a heart disorder called Tetralogy of Fallot and requires corrective surgery at Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, in Kochi. His mother Jaseela stays at home and looks after the two children she has with Abdul Nazar, who is a daily wage worker in a factory. He earns Rs 8000 per month and cannot afford the life-saving surgery required for his son. He has reached out to us for financial support for the surgery, and we are committed in providing this.


Anuska, five years old was brought up in Tamil Nadu with her parents Sakunthala and Subramaniam. She is their second child, and their lives were turned upside down when they realised their daughter was unable to play or do anything that resulted in any form of physical exertion. She was suffering from a heart disorder and had been prescribed surgery – a mitral valve repair at Miot Hospital. Her father – a farmer earns Rs 5000 per month with which he could not afford the required life-saving surgery.