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The Story of Baby of Subaida

Only two days old, bay of Subaida was born to Abdul Rahiman and Subaida on 30th March 2019 at Arumala Hospital in Kanhangad, Kerala. She was born weighing a healthy 3kg and the third child they have welcomed into this world together as a couple. Her elder sister Mubeena and brother Afsal were eagerly awaiting the arrival of their younger sister.
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The Story of Baby of Ayanthy

A district called Thoothukudi located in Tamil Nadu was home to the birth of baby girl, baby of Ayanthy. She was born with a weight of 2.5kg at Rakesh Hospital, and both parents rejoiced as they welcomed their first child into their arms. But she didn’t stay in the warm comforts of their arms for long. Read More

Kids Supported

Mohammed Arib Abdul Haee Shaikh

Mohammed Arib Abdul Hai Sheikh, six years from Mumbai has been suffering from a heart disorder – an Atrial Septal Defect which requires surgical closure, in this case at Reliance H N Hospital. He studies in Class I and has two siblings. His father Abdul Hai Sheikh works in a dye factory and earns Rs 4000 per month. Since his son’s diagnosis – they have been left helpless as they cannot afford surgery. We at Genesis Foundation were approached to financially support this case – which we are committed in doing.


Sadiya, was born in her home town through a normal delivery. She was detected with congenital heart disorder at birth itself. However they could not afford surgery so they were constantly looking for some source with could help. Her father Nurullah works as a labourer at a construction site, and supports a family of five including his elderly parents. The family currently live in Delhi and under the Umeed Dhadkan initiative they have requested for support. Sadiya has a hole in between the descending aorta and pulmonary artery (PDA) which was closed in a Cath Lab at Fortis Hospital, Faridabad thanks to the support we were able to give from Radha Chadha.

Rida Fathima

Rida Fathima, six months old from Kerala, is suffering from a heart disorder and requires a Total Anomalous Pulmonary Venous Connection repair (TAPVC) at Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, in Kochi. His mother Suhadha stays at home and looks after the three children she has with Abdul Razak, who is a daily wage labourer in a factory. He earns Rs 7000 per month and cannot afford the surgery. They have reached out to us for financial support, and we are committed in doing so, giving Rida a chance to live.


One year old Ritik lives with his parents Yogendra and Sunita in Baran district of Rajasthan. It was six months ago when he developed a high-grade fever with a cough. The parents rushed him to a local hospital where he was given medication with the hope that he would recover. However, he did not so the village headman suggested that he parents visit a government hospital located in Jaipur. The parents reached Jaipur and upon examination at the hospital a heart disorder was detected – Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA) which meant that he had a hole in between the descending aorta and the pulmonary artery. Yogendra and Sunita were requested to come after six months, which naturally left them confused and uncomfortable. A family friend of theirs suggested that they visit a Trust Hospital near Delhi where treatment was free. Unfortunately, this did not work out for them as the waiting time was not a feasible option. Next, they were referred to Max Hospital, in Delhi where the doctors explained the treatment required but Yogendra, as a farmer explained that he had no money for treatment. A doctor got in touch with us and we were able to take this financial burden off the parents along with the help from our CSR partner WPP and Ritik is on the road to getting better.

Vaibhav Jadhav

Ten year old Vaibhav Jadhav is the second child of Sonali and Hemant, from Satara in Maharashtra. Vaibhav who is now in class 3, was born with a heart defect, VSD (hole in between the lower chambers of the heart). But Vaibhav's initial years passed without any complication, and he was going to school like other children, and his favourite subject in school was his art class. When he turned six years old however, he developed a fever for which his parents took him to a doctor, where the doctor noticed that he had an irregular heartbeat. An echo was done and it showed he had VSD. The parents were asked to bring him once more after a year. About 8 months after the hospital visit he again developed a fever. Around the same time a camp was organized by SRCC NH Children's Hospital, and his worried parents took him to it. An echo was repeated. The parents were told that Vaibhav required open heart surgery to close the hole. Hemant is farmer with a monthly income of Rs 3000 and thus could not imagine how he would be able to afford the cost of the surgery, and this is where we stepped in. Along with our CSR partner - WPP India CSR Foundation and their financial support, the surgery was performed and Vaibhav was discharged in a stable condition.