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The Story of Vijitha

This 2-day old baby girl was born to parents Renjith Kumar and Vijitha in the district of Pattanamthitta on 29th August 2018. Second born to the couple, baby of Vijitha was diagnosed with congenital heart disease antenatally at the ninth month of the pregnancy, even before she was born.
During the mother’s pregnancy, the doctor at the local diagnostic center detected increase heart rate in fetus in a routine checkup. Read More

The Story of Deepa

A three-month-old baby boy was born in the district of Tirunelvelli, in Tamil Nadu on 13th April 2018, weighing only 2kg. He is the first born to the couple who were counting down to his arrival.

Their dreams of meeting their baby for the first time were shattered, when they were faced with seeing him struggle in ICU for three days due to poor weight gain and pre-term delivery. Read More

Kids Supported

Farahan Ahmed

Farahan Ahmed was only 11 months old when he was diagnosed with ASD and VSD (holes in the upper and lower chambers of the heart). His parents, Gulam Muhammad a bus conductor and Zharada Begum, reside in Kupwara, Jammu & Kashmir. Gulam earns a mere Rs 3500 with which he supports his two children and wife. Farahan’s procedure was conducted at Max Hospital, New Delhi. A surgical closure was done to close the ASD and VSD. Thanks to the aid provided by Genesis foundation, Farahan is healthy and well today. Born in the Wayanad District of Kerala, Baby Drishya was diagnosed with Coarctation of the Aorta (CoA) which is an obstruction in the aorta, when she was ten days old. Her father works in a cloth shop and earns about Rs 5000 per month. The CoA was surgically corrected in Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, in Kochi. This would not have been possible if not for the life changing aid provided by us at Genesis foundation to Drishya and her family.

Apurva Khadtale

Apruva Khadtale, only five months old from Nashik was born with a complex heart disorder called Total Anomalous Pulmonary Venous Connection (TAPVC). After birth she showed difficulty in breathing and also in taking feed. Slowly with time, she started also turning blue. Her parents Abhijit and Poonam took her to a local pediatrican who confirmed that the baby was suffering from a heart problem and he advised them both to take her to Mumbai for further treatment. Both Abhijit and Poonam were totally lost on what their next steps should be. Every day is a struggle for them, and now things seemed even harder than before. They had so many questions, yet no answers. In TAPVC, the Pulmonary Veins from the lungs terminate in the right atrium instead of the left. As a result of this, the pure and impure blood mix and less oxygenated blood flows in the body. Also, the right side of the heart is enlarged as there is excess blood flow to the right side. The doctors from Jupiter Hospital go to Nashik as a part of their outreach program. Their pediatrician got in touch with the parents and asked them to consult the pediatric cardiologist from upiter Hospital. An Echo was conducted and the same diagnosis was made. The parents were counseled and told that surgery was the only option to save their child. Abhijit, was not in the position to afford the cost of surgery – it was too steep for him as he earned Rs 5000 per month as a guard in a factory with which he supports his wife and two children. The child was operated at Jupiter Hospital, and has had the surgery. He is now on a road to recovery with thanks to the support you have shown towards our cause to Save Little Hearts.

Eshwari P

Eshwari P, seven years old from Tamil Nadu has been suffering from a congenital heart disorder – Tetralogy of Fallot with Pulmonary Atresia. She has two sisters and one brother, they are a fairly large family who manage month after month on the father Pandian’s salary of Rs 7000 as a daily wage worker. Upon her diagnosis, the doctors at Madras Medical Mission have recommended surgery which the family cannot afford. We have accepted this case, and the funds required for Eshwari’s surgery will be borne by us.

Somnath Bhil

Somnath, nine years old is studying in the 3rd standard and lives in Nandumbar, Maharashtra. He is suffering from a heart disorder called a Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD) and requires a device closure. In this condition there is a hole in between the lower chamber of the heart and he also suffers from Pulmonary Stenosis which is narrowing of the pulmonary valve. He requires surgery urgently which has been scheduled at Jupiter Hospital in Mumbai. His mother Kalabai stays at home and looks after four children she has with husband Macchindra. He is a farmer and earns Rs 2500 per month. It’s impossible for him to make ends meet on a regular basis, paying for surgery is beyond his imagination. We are dedicated in helping Somnath get the treatment he rightly deserves.


Akilesh, nearly three years old from Tanjore district in Tamil Nadu has been suffering from a congenital heart disorder. He has been prescribed a surgical repair of the Aortic Arch at Miot Hospital in Chennai. His father Rajamanickam is a farmer who earns Rs 5000 per month. The high costs of surgery have left the family with no choice but to seek financial support. They want nothing more than to see their son recover and live a life of good health and we are here to try and make this dream come true for them.