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The Story of Baby of Ayanthy

A district called Thoothukudi located in Tamil Nadu was home to the birth of baby girl, baby of Ayanthy. She was born with a weight of 2.5kg at Rakesh Hospital, and both parents rejoiced as they welcomed their first child into their arms. But she didn’t stay in the warm comforts of their arms for long. Read More

Kids Supported

Ram Gitkhane

Ram Gitkhane, fourteen years old from Pune has been suffering from a heart disorder and been prescribed a Balloon Aortic Valvotomy, at SRCC NH in Mumbai. His father Panbhari, is a factory worker who brings home Rs 3000 per month while his wife Chhaya looks after their two children at home. They are naturally unable to afford surgery, which is where we have stepped in to take this financial burden off them and ensure that Ram gets the treatment that he rightly deserves and needs to live.

Abdul Ahad

Abdul Ahad, 3 months old from Aligarh is the third child to Chhote and Shahana. They have two other daughters, this has been the first boy in their family. He was born with a heart disorder known as Transposition of Great Arteries (TGA), and his parents initially showed him to a doctor at Aligarh Muslim University Hospital. The doctors had given him temporary medicine and referred the child for further investigations to Delhi. When they got to Delhi, Abdul’s parents took him to a government hospital where they were refused admission and with a miracle, they learned about the work we do, and they contacted us. He was taken to Max Hospital, and on admission they found his saturation levels were a low 60% along with infection. Abdul was first stabilized and then operated on. His father is a welder and brings home Rs 4000 per month, with which it is a herculean task to manage a large family and now a surgery – the only key to his son’s survival. That’s where we have been able to step in and provide financial comfort with medical costs. Thankfully, the surgery has been successful and the little one has been discharged in a stable condition.

Ram Dev

Ram Dev was born in Churu, Rajasthan to parents Kanhiya Lal and Dophti. When he was one years old, he was diagnosed with Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA) which is a condition where a hole forms between the aorta and pulmonary artery. His father a laborer and works hard but earns a humble Rs 2000 per month. The child was treated at Fortis Jaipur with PDA Device Closure to bridge the hole between the Aorta and Pulmonary Artery which was closed in a Cath Lab.

Aarushi Gupta

Two year old Aarushi Gupta is the third child of Gudi and Trilok Gupta from Thane in Maharashtra, was born with a heart problem. When she was a year old, she developed a fever for which her parents took her to the district hospital for treatment. The doctor noticed that she was having trouble breathing and also had an irregular heartbeat. They were asked to consult a Pediatric Cardiologist. Trilok is a fruit seller by profession. One day he came in touch with a doctor from Jupiter Hospital. When he narrated his story to the doctor, the doctor asked Trilok to bring the child to Jupiter Hospital. The parents took the child to Jupiter Hospital. An echo was done and the diagnosis presented ASD (hole in between the upper chamber of heart). Luckily however, the hole had good margins and it was possible to close it with the help of a device. The parents were counselled for the procedure. With a monthly income of Rs 4000, it was not possible for the parents to arrange the money required for the procedure. With the support from our CSR partner - WPP India CSR Foundation we were able to help the family and fund the surgery.


Arohi, a one year old baby girl from Mumbai requires a surgical closure of a Ventricular Septal Defect at SRCC NH Hospital in Mumbai. Her father Anil is a labourer who brings home Rs 8500 per month and cannot afford the high costs of surgery. We are committed in supporting her surgery with the hope to continue saving many, many more little hearts.