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Kids Supported

Prajakta More

Prajakta More, eleven years old from Mumbai, has been diagnosed with a Heart Disorder where there is narrowing of the Aorta, this is remove with a stent at Jupiter Hospital. He father Chandrakant, is a famer and earns Rs 4000 per month, the family needs financial support to make the payments for their daughter’s treatment, together we are committed to giving her life a chance.


Vishva, soon to turn two years old resides in Chennai with his father Suresh and mother Nandani. He is their only child, and was born in a government hospital in Chennai itself. After birth, doctors noticed that the child had breathing difficulty and suggested that the family take him to another hospital where the facility of conducting an Echo was available. Suresh and Nandani took Vishva for the prescribed Echo and the diagnosis was made to their dismay their newborn son was suffering from a congenital heart disorder – a complete AV Canal defect. In this particular ailment, there is a hole in between the upper chamber of the heart (an Atrial Septal Defect) and the lower chamber of the heart (a Ventricular Septal Defect) and there is a common valve in place of the Mitral and Tricuspid valve. It is a rare defect that usually tends to affect only 2 per 10000 children. The parents were counseled and told that surgery was the only measure to save their sons life. It is through surgery that both holes are closed and two separate valves are created using leaflets. However, both parents decided to continue with the medications prescribed and soon they realized that Visvha’s growth was being hindered. A family friend guided the parents to take him to Thirvullar Government Hospital, where doctors from Miot Hospital visit for some much needed guidance and help. They made their way with great difficulty as finances were tight and they were then told that with all their documents they needed to come to Miot Hospital, in Chennai. Suresh shared with the doctors that they were struggling financially and leading a difficult day-to-day life, the cost of surgery was surely one that they could not afford. The doctors contacted us at Genesis Foundation, and we committed ourselves in supporting this case as Suresh earns a humble Rs 6000 per month as a labourer. Vishva has been operated on since, and is recovering all thanks to the support you have shown and given towards our cause to Save Little Hearts.

Amrita Chauhan

Amrita Chauhan was born on 11 November 2016 to parents Anju Devi and Chandrabhan Chauhan. Now she is ten months old and has been diagnosed with a life-threatening congenital Heart Disorder called Tetralogy of Fallot. The family live in Uttar Pradesh, and have been prescribed an open -heart surgery at such a young and tender age for intra cardiac repair. Chandrabhan after hearing this has been under immense pressure as he cannot afford surgery. He is a landless farmer with no fixed income, but at most he earns Rs 2000 per month. They were introduced to us at Genesis Foundation, and with the support from one of our special donors, we were able to relieve them off the financial pressure and Anita was operated on. She is now on a road to recovery.

Sameer Shaikh

Sameer Shaikh, ten years old from Thane, is suffering from a heart disorder called a Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD) and requires surgical closure. He is suffering from a unique problem where the inside of his right ventricle has an extra muscle which resulted in the ventricle being divided into two parts. The surgery is scheduled at Jupiter Hospital, in Mumbai and his mother Raziya Sharif Shaikh, who works as a labourer and brings home Rs 3000 per month cannot afford it. She is thankful to Genesis Foundation for the financial support we have been able to give to get her son the treatment he needs to live.

Ram Kumar

Ram Kumar, one month old from Bihar has a congenital heart disorder where there is severe narrowing of the pulmonary valve (known as pulmonary stenosis). He has undergone surgery – a balloon pulmonary valvotomy at Apollo hospital, in Delhi which was financially supported by us. Ram’s father Mohan is a farmer and earns Rs 3500 per month. The cost of surgery was much too high for Ram, gathering such funds was understandably impossible.


Adithi, three months old from Kerala is suffering from a congenital heart disorder. She requires a Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA) device closure at Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences in Kochi. Her father Dileep is a construction worker who earns Rs 4000 per month. The family struggles financially on a daily basis – cost of surgery is past their imagination. They have reached out to us for support which we are going to give so Adithi gets the treatment she requires and deserves.