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The Story of Amritha

Amritha is an eleven-year-old girl from Thrissur district in Kerala. She was born on the 7th of March 2007 in a low-income Malayali family, with an older sister, Athulya. Her father is the only earning member of her family, making ends meet by working as a driver. Her parents were extremely happy to welcome her into their small family, but their joy soon turned to worry as they noticed their infant daughter turning blue and breathless while feeding and crying. They were devastated when doctors at AIMS diagnosed a complex cyanotic CHD that was very difficult to treat and needed multiple major heart surgeries. Read More

The Story of Yash Mahakal

Seven-month-old Yash is the second child born to Jaideep and Samruddhi. He was brought to the cardiology evaluation unit due to the act that he was found to have difficulty in breathing as well as in taking feed. His weight gain was also poor, and he would cry continually. His pediatrician suspected a heart disease and hence referred the baby to Jupiter Hospital for an evaluation. The cardiology team examined Yash during one of their outreach OPDs at Dombivili, Maharashtra, where Dr Srinivasan L, performed an echocardiogram Read More

The Story of John

Fifteen-year-old John is the fourth of six children of Dhanam and Vadivel, from Thanjavur district in Tamil Nadu. Studying in the 11th standard, a routine school health check-up revealed a murmur in his heart. The doctor referred John to Miot Hospital in Chennai for further evaluation.

At Miot Hospital, an echo was conducted which showed that John was suffering from a complex congenital heart defect; a severe form of Ebstein’s Anomaly with a large ASD. Read More

Kids Supported


Jananika, five months old is the second child to Manikandan and Mageshwari who belong to Thirvullar district in Tamil Nadu. Only one month after birth she developed pneumonia so her parents rushed her to a district hospital where the pediatrician detected an irregular heartbeat. She was prescribed some medicine, and asked to come for a follow-up after two months. The doctors from Miot Hospital conduct outreach programs at the district hosoital in Thirvullar, so Manikandan took his daughter. An Echo showed that she had a large hole in the lower chamber of the heart (VSD) and it was clear that surgery was the only life-saving option for the child. Manikandan is a labourer who earns Rs 6000 per month and was in no position to pay for surgery. We agreed to pay for the surgery with the support from WPP India CSR Foundation, so the parents came to Chennai for surgery. She has been operated since, and is thankfully doing well. Her parents aspire for their daughter to be a doctor so she can help other children who have also suffered from cardiac disorders.


Rakshita, three years old is the eldest child to Saraswathy and Suresh who are from Thirvullar district located in Tamil Nadu. One month after her birth, both parents noticed that the child was turning blue and was showing signs of breathing difficulty. She was rushed to a district hospital where the doctors gave her medicines and to return after six months for a review. The parents had noted that their daughter had a history of poor weight gain. Around a year ago, doctors from Miot Hospital had visited a government hospital in Thirvullar, where they examined the little girl and advised the parents to bring her to Chennai for a more detailed evaluation. They made their way to Chennai, where an Echo was conducted that confirmed the diagnosis – Rakshita was suffering from Tetralogy of Fallot, a hole in between the lower chamber of the heart and there was narrowing of the pulmonary valve. Suresh is a painter who earns Rs 6000 per month, high costs of surgery are well over his means. With the support from WPP India CSR Foundation we have been able to support the surgery and take this financial burden off the family. They have been able to just focus on getting their daughter cured and her health back to good condition so she can live a life of good quality.


Manish, four years old from Aligarh, is suffering from a congenital heart disorder called Tetralogy of Fallot and requires surgery at Max Hospital, in Saket. His mother Brijesh Devi stays at home and looks after her two children, while father Vijay is a labourer who brings home Rs 3000 per month. They need financial support to give Manish the surgery he deserves to get better and live the life he deserves.

Baby of Manyam Devika

Baby of Manyam Devika, is the son of Devika and Srinu from East Godavari district in Andhra Pradesh. Soon after birth, he suffered from regular chest infections and was showing signs of not adapting well to his mother’s feed. Devika took him to a local doctor who detected an irregular heartbeat and suggested the parents take him to Hyderabad for further evaluation. Luckily, they had relatives in Hyderabad who helped them get there so they could consult a Pediatric Cardiologist at Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences. An Echo confirmed the diagnosis as a Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD) and the only way to save the baby was to have surgery. Srinu, is a farmer who earns a humble amount of Rs 4000 per month – the high costs of surgery were unimaginable for him. However, with the support we were able to give the financial burden was lifted off the parents and the child was operated in the first week of December.


Bajrangi, eight months old from Bihar, has been suffering from a heart disorder where the Pulmonary Valve has been narrow since birth. He has been prescribed Ballooning of Pulmonary Valve (BPV) in a Cath Lab at Max Hospital, Saket. His mother Banti, stays at home and looks after her two children while husband Vijay Kumar owns a paan shop and earns Rs 5000 per month. It’s a struggle every single day for the family, putting the funds together for treatment is impossible for them. We were approached to financially support this case, and we are committed in doing so.