Genesis Foundation’s SmilesStore

Genesis Foundation’s SmilesStore has been created to put Smiles on the faces of the infants and young children who are critically ill and often have weeks or at best, only months to live if medical intervention is not provided.

There is a special infant or young child waiting for an extra special person to add colours of hope to his or her ability to live.

When you want to wish a friend on a special occasion, think of the children who can benefit from your purchase. Our Share-a-Smile branded products will put a smile on the person receiving your gift as well as the child who will receive medical attention.

When your company is looking at buying Corporate (Branded) Gift items such as pens, greeting cards, mugs, desk top accessories, t-shirts, caps, jackets, trophies, clocks, handmade paper products, fragranced candles and delicious chocolates etc, think of the children who can benefit from this purchase. Without much effort you will be saving the lives of many disadvantaged children. We can also source for you any particular product you might be interested in.

For more information contact:
Mobile: +91 981 105 0249

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