Kasauli Rhythm & Blues Music Festival (KRBF) is an annual music festival held in Kasauli, Himachal at Baikunth Resort. This Music Festival was conceived by Genesis Foundation in 2012 with a view to grow its community of donors and well-wishers. Believing strongly that music is a positive and participatory force in the creation of change, the Foundation invites established and upcoming artistes from India’s diverse pool of musical talent to perform in support of the critically ill under-privileged and orphan children under its care. Music aficionados can contribute for the cause by simply doing what they love – listening to music!


100% of funds raised are dedicated towards treatment of critically ill children as all overhead costs are borne by the trustees.


Kasauli Rhythm & Blues Music Festival 2015 will be held from April 3 – 5, 2015 (Easter weekend). To book donor cards for entry and rooms in advance, contact dolly.malvai@genesis-foundation.net


Kasauli Rhythm & Blues Music Festival was featured in the list of top 25 Groovy Music Festivals in India Worth Travelling To by thrillophilia.com


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