Art, Culture, and Theater

Art and Culture

Genesis Foundation is open to alliances with artists, photographers, and actors who would like support our cause. Many artists have supported our cause by contributing a portion of their sales. These funds go directly towards treatment of critically ill children in need of surgery.

Theater and Concerts

Theatre and concerts represent another avenue through which fund raising has successfully dealt with assisting the little children the Foundation supports.

Some such events held in the past:

Sept 2012, Delhi::  An Evening of Jazz   a musical evening with a purpose, performances  by Sonam Kalra and Aarti Rao.

Dec 2011, Delhi::  Parallel Intersection – exhibition of paintings by Manisha Kumar and ceramics by Rahul Kumar

Sept 2010, Gurgaon:: The Joy of a New Harvest, an exhibition by Siddharth Shingade

Aug 2010, Gurgaon::  English play Love on the Brink, directed by Lillete Dubey, was staged as a fundraiser. Read more.

Oct 2009, Delhi & Gurgaon:: A fundraiser play, Brief Candle was a poignant tale, but one that was also humorous and moving.Written by Mahesh Dattani and directed and produced by Lillete Dubey.

Sep 2008, Gurgaon :: ‘Anitya’ Siddharth Shingade : His first Solo Art Show helped us collect a significant sum of money for treatment of children who require critical medical attention. Client Associates partnered with us and Gallery One donated a percentage of paintings sold by them to Genesis Foundation.

Dec 2004, Gurgaon :: Under the Kenyan Skies : The photo exhibition displayed pictures clicked by Sheila Singla, principal associate of Chrysalis HRD. The proceeds from the photographs went towards building the corpus of Genesis Foundation.

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