Fight against childhood cancer can be heart-breaking, but YOU can make a difference

Kids in Need

World Cancer Day: Every year it comes as a reminder—those who live with it obviously don’t need a reminder—but for those who can make a difference. The reminder is important, because most of the time we don’t realise the enormity of the problem. And when we miss that, we also miss the opportunity to do our bit to join the battle against cancer. What is tragic is when we miss the opportunity to help those who could have been saved, had help reached them at the right time.

According to reports by the World Health Organisation (WHO), the incidence of cancer in general and in children in particular is on the rise. In India, from being the eighth or ninth cause of mortality (among diseases), it has risen to the second position, just behind heart ailments. Among these, 15 percent are children, as against the global average of 0.5 percent. And most doctors will tell you that most of the childhood cancers are treatable.

What does that mean? It means that the fight needs more soldiers. It needs us all—doctors, hospitals, people with funds, pharma companies, corporates, civil society—to work together against this increasingly common and unfailingly vicious enemy.

That is why Genesis Foundation chose cancer as one of the critical illnesses to focus our efforts on. What we find most heart-breaking is when the only reason a child loses his or her battle against cancer is that the parents don’t have the funds for the treatment. It is the most helpless situation for a parent to know that their child can be saved, but they don’t have the means to save them.

Over the years, Genesis Foundation has supported children suffering from cancer. These children come from all parts of India, from both, big cities as well as small towns. Most children meeting the Foundation’s criteria are usually found through partner organisations (significantly, orphanages and other NGOs) and medical camps. Often, though, it is the hospital themselves that reach out to the Foundation for support for the children that may have come there for treatment.

Once the child-in-need has been identified, the Foundation takes a two-pronged approach. On the one hand it releases funds to the hospital to meet the child’s immediate medical needs, and on the other hand, it prepares funds for consults with the child’s doctors for further treatment that may be necessary. Every small and big contribution helps. Journeys of several miles all begin with the first step. So it is critical for all of us to come forward and work together to support these children and their families.

The fight is tough and the soldiers too few, with heart-break lurking just around the corner at all times. That heart-break is what we are working to alleviate. We want YOUR help in making that happen. In some cases, we have been successful, and in others, we soldier on.

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When CEOs don chef hats for kids’ treatment


What does doing good taste like? Succulent galauti kebabs with crisp parathas? A nourishing bowl of khao suey? Or maybe the sweet and tangy mix of crêpe suzette with berries? And what about the aroma? Does doing good smell like a dollop of butter sizzling in the pan as it waits to roast a clove of garlic? Or does it have the sharp flavours wafting from a Hunan grill?

Saturday, February 7, 2015, gave us the answer to these questions—the smells and taste are all these and more. On this day, when the sun made an extra-special appearance to shoo away the winter blues, 11 CEOs traded their suits with aprons and chef hats. This was the 11th CEOs Cook for GF Kids, an event where CEOs get behind the counters to dish out a delectable spread and raise funds for critically ill children. At this one, there were 11 CEOs, spanning various industries, raising funds for 8 children who needed support. They displayed their flair for cuisines ranging from Mughlai to Burmese, French to Brazilian, Hunan to Italian.

The invitees also included the who’s who of the corporate world, donating their time as well as money to fulfill the event’s aim. Together, the Celebrity Chefs, the invitees, the sponsor and the partners helped make the event a huge success, with funds covering the treatment of all 8 children.

For everyone at the event, the fun, food and laughter were just one part of the story—it was these 8 children that mattered the most. Of these children, Preeti and Grebeally suffer from cancer, Daksh and Irfan are due for surgery to fix extreme deformities, while Arooh, Arnav, Subhi and Affan are all undergoing treatment and surgeries for cardiac disorders. Their treatments range from Rs 22,000 to over Rs 3 Lacs—costs that their parents and care-givers simply cannot afford. Through the day it was the thought of these children that made everything a lot more meaningful and satisfying.

Even as the Celebrity Chefs indulged their culinary flair, the invitees tapped their feet to live music played by Melvyn Fernandez, Pragnya Wakhlu and Akshay Deodhar, with impromptu performances by those in the audience as the day progressed.

The day was filled with fun, laughter, conversations, delectable food and just the sheer spirit of the cause. At the back of everyone’s minds was a realisation that there were 8 lives that we made a difference in. The glow that emanated at the end of the day was a testimony to that.

To view the highlights of CEOs Cook for GF Kids, February 7th 2015, Gurgaon, click here

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A Satisfying Year Past, An Exciting Year Ahead

About Genesis Foundation

A year ends and another begins. Milestones like this are occasions for us to reflect on and evaluate our actions. A look back at 2014 gives us at Genesis Foundation both a reason to be satisfied as well as a reason to push ourselves further in the New Year.

Crossing a milestone, making a difference
At the core of our existence is a simple cause—Give Life A Chance. It is our endeavour to give children who are orphans or whose parents earn less than Rs 10,000, a fighting chance against critical illnesses. When these children fight against life-threatening conditions like cancer, thalassemia, cardiac disorders, organ transplants, and extreme deformities, it doesn’t just mean one surgery or one course of medicine. It means persistent medical support, sometimes repeat surgeries, lingering effects of strong medicines and a whole lot of moral support. In all our humble attempts, we realise that ‘treatment’ may seem a like a simple word, but it has a lot of weight attached to it. And therefore, it gives us a lot of satisfaction to realise that in 2014, we crossed the landmark of facilitating the treatment of 125 critically ill children. While the number drives us to do more, it is also a reminder that 125 is not just a statistic—it takes each individual child to make this number. Each child matters. Each child deserves a chance to live.


In 2014, our focus was on creating more touchpoints and more ways for people to join us in our cause to support under-privileged children suffering from critical illnesses. Whether in the form of more and interesting events or in our outreach through communication, forging new partnerships with more NGOs and hospitals or creating new ways for supporting corporates with their CSR initiatives, we concentrated our efforts giving more people a chance to connect with us and contribute to the cause.

Events that touched a chord
It was a year when our fund-raising events touched a high, with new, unique formats being introduced. Our focus has always been on participative events, where people enjoy even as they find satisfaction in contributing to a cause. After the success of our CEOs Cook for GF Kids and CEOs Sing for GF Kids events, we realized that the talent in the boardroom was quite varied and needed more outlets.

Pankaj Chaturvedi, Executive Director and CEO, Rich Graviss Products, says, “Helping the children by taking the time and adding to the thoughtful touches initiated by Genesis, makes me feel worthy. I feel privileged to be a part of this noble cause and would like to extend my full support to Genesis Foundation’s event which aims to raise funds and create awareness about it.”

We tied up with one of the most popular entertainment platforms—FremantleMedia’s Got Talent format—and from that was born CEO’s Got Talent. CEO’s Got Talent debuted in Mumbai with all the glamour and the scale that all the Got Talent franchises come with, along with the support of Colors TV. The Mumbai show was a huge success and the year saw another blockbuster event in Delhi as well.

Mehmood Curmally, Managing Director, Rhythm House, agrees, “Music has been my life, both professionally and personally, as a means of livelihood, a family tradition and a passion. What more can I ask for if what I am so closely associated with, can help alleviate a child’s suffering. Hope this just keeps getter bigger and bigger, so we can together help those in dire need.”


The music festivals organised by the Foundation climbed new levels as well. While the second edition of Genesis Foundation’s JadhavGadh Music Festival saw the event making more place for itself in people’s hearts, Genesis Foundation’s Kasauli Rhythm and Blues Festival saw the third edition elevate it to a cult level. So much so that it featured in the list of top 25 Groovy Music Festivals in India Worth Travelling To by


Partnering in CSR initiatives
The year saw the Foundation take big strides in partnering with organisations in their attempts to become more responsible corporate citizens. Early in 2014, the Companies Act 2013 was notified and as companies take their decisions on how to integrate community efforts into their business models, we are ready to support them every step of the way. Our Power of 100 initiatives saw more people add it to their payroll programme, while we also introduced the concept of specific CSR projects that companies can take on.


Reaching out in many ways
One of the areas that saw the most traction for us was that of communications. Through our exceptional new film, the new website, more outreach on social channels and media, and visual storytelling, we reached out to more people. For us, effective communication means more people know about the children in need and more people take the decision to join the cause.

It was a year when we forged more partnerships and made several new friends. A BIG thanks to all those who have supported us thus far—it is because of you that more than 560 children have a chance at life.

In 2014, we touched more lives and made more efforts to save more lives. And this year, we are going to do a whole lot more. Watch this space for more.
Have a great 2015 and hope to see you with us!

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Two lives hanging in balance

Kids in Need


It was on Sunday, 16th November, 2014 in Bangalore, when Bindu’s parents, Mallikarjuna (28) and Shilpa (25), called out for her to go to the temple with them, the 7-year-old was very excited to go for an outing. Destiny, however, had other plans for them.

Residents of Devarachikkanhalli, Bangalore, the family set out on a two-wheeler. Soon on the way, a speeding car came and sent the two-wheeler along with the family hurtling down. Bindu’s father, Mallikarjuna, succumbed to his injuries and died on the spot. Bindu and her mother Shilpa were left with severe injuries.

Bindu and Shilpa were then taken to RL Jalappa Hospital in Kolar and received first aid. However, their condition was critical and they had to be shifted to the ICU of HOSMAT Hospital in Bangalore. According to Dr Thomas Chandy, Chairman and Chief of Orthopaedics, HOSMAT Hospital, Bindu had sustained serious injuries – crush injury of the left forearm, displaced fracture of left thigh bone, broken heel bone and loss of flesh on the heel. She also had cuts on her face. The crushing of her left forearm was so bad that in order to save her life, it had to be amputated as gangrene and blood poisoning would have taken its course and endangered Bindu’s life.

Several surgeries will be required to fix, heal and reconstruct the damage done to her little body. Once the surgeries are done, Bindu will be fitted with artificial arm prosthesis, to be able to use her left arm again. The cost of her treatment, surgeries and prostheses will be in the range of Rs 5 lacs or so.
Bindu was in a coma and was put on a ventilator. The good news is that the little brave fighter is now wide awake and breathing without any external support.

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GF Kids’ Day Out: Million-watt smiles and a whole lot of hope


They say when a child smiles, the sun shines a little brighter. Little wonder then, that December 6, 2014 was a brighter-than-usual day. It was a day filled with joy, hope, laughter and lots of treats. It was Genesis Foundation’s Kids’ Day Out.

Every year, Genesis Foundation hosts GF Kids’ Day Out at this time, to mark the festive season. Inviting our NGO partners to bring their children, we plan a day for kids to enjoy, express, eat to their hearts’ fill and of course go back with treats and gifts.


This year’s GF Kids’ Day out had all the right ingredients—a painting competition, a magic show, Bollywood Riju Thomas and Jishnu, yummy treats and of course, Christmas gifts. Other that all that was organised for the kids, it was actually their own performances that won everyone’s hearts.

They were awed and tickled by the magic show, following the magician long after he had run out of his tricks. They poured their dreams and aspirations on the canvas and filled it up with colours of life. When the music started, the kids just sang and danced with abandon. Some of them could not hear the music, but they danced to the rhythm of their heart. Others, undergoing chemotherapy to battle cancer, didn’t get deterred by their challenges and pulled everyone into their world of hope, smiles and optimism. There was not one person left untouched by the infectious joy that each child emanated. Truly inspiring to everyone there.


The festive season doesn’t end, but actually begins with the picnic. Through the month of December, there are several activities planned. A Christmas Tree has been put up by GF at Epicenter, Gurgaon and Christmas Carols will be sung by children from Missionaries of Charity – from 7 to 7.30 pm on Friday, December12, 2014 and by children of The Shelter from 6 to 6.30 pm on Saturday, December 20, 2014.

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CEO’s Got Talent, Delhi 2014: A Celebration of Passion, Talent and the Joy of Giving


In the chaos of everyday life, especially when you are leading a company, anything that doesn’t have to do with work gets buried over time. Passions that we grow up with, talents that in our childhood we spent hours honing, all fall by the wayside when we set sights at the top of the ladder.

On the evening of November 15, 2014 at the Taj Palace in New Delhi, however, eight people stepped up to prove all this wrong. These were eight leaders showcasing their very varied talents—from singing and dancing to photography and poetry, flute performance to standup comedy—at FremantleMedia’s CEO’s Got Talent. And at the heart of all this, a cause that united all—life-saving treatment for children suffering from critical illnesses, facilitated by Genesis Foundation.

An emotional reminder
While the evening began with introductions and opening remarks by the judges, the sponsors and Anupama Mandloi of FremantleMedia India, it was when the Genesis Foundation film came up on the screens that a hush came down in the hall. As it happens every time, there was no eye left dry by the end of the film. In her remarks, Prema Sagar, Founder Trustee, Genesis Foundation, reinforced the need for all of us to step and just take the lead if we want to make a difference in these children’s lives.

Then began the performances. Assessing the performances was an eminent jury panel that included renowned filmmaker, Mahesh Bhatt; CEO, Colours, Raj Nayak and model and actor, Neha Dhupia. In true ‘Got Talent’ style, the performers came up one by one to present their act and the judges had the option to either watch the entire act, if they like it, or press the buzzer. Of course, the level of talent that was present in the room ensured that the dreaded buzzer was left untouched. Host Mini Mathur played a pivotal role in not just anchoring the show but also making sure that each performer felt at home on the stage.

Riveting performances
The talent on display was one better than the other. Krishnan Chatterjee, Senior Vice President and Global Head, Strategic Marketing, HCL Technologies was the first to perform. His rock performance set the mood for the evening. His energy reverberated with the audience such that some got off their seats to dance to his songs.

Radhika Singh, who has held senior leadership positions in several organisations including IBM, GE Capital and Bank of America, shared some moments of her life and that of the evening captured through her lens, while Ranjan Chopra, Managing Director, Team Computers, played ‘Vande Mataram’ on the saxophone. Colonel Chandoke, Chief Operating Officer at Victorinox India, took us back to the oldies by singing some numbers from old Hindi films. Shivani Wazir Pasrich, Founder & CEO, SWP Productions, gave the last punch to the show with her fusion dance performance.

It isn’t easy to tickle a hall full of people, but Amit Tandon, Managing Director & CEO – Empyrean Partners, performed a stand-up act, which won him roars of laughter. While he shared jokes from his personal life, his dig at the cultural variance of India struck an immediate connection with the audience and won him the Second Runner-up award.

Muktesh Chander, Special Commissioner in Delhi Police, left the audience as well as the judges astounded with the tunes of his flute. Everyone, including the judges, swayed and clapped with the tunes of popular Hindi film numbers that resounded in the hall. Known to be a tough cop, Muktesh Chander wasn’t devoid of a sense of humour, which won him applaud from the audience during his brief chat with anchor Mini Mathur. The audience especially was more than impressed as he was not only the First Runner-up of the show, but was also voted by them as the WOW Performer of the evening.

“This, according to me, has been my best stage performance ever and this is the best stage where I have ever performed. I decided to perform here because through my talent, I would be able to help the underprivileged children of Genesis Foundation,” he expressed.

And the winner is…
The top spot, however, was reserved for a man of letters. It was the only performance to receive a standing ovation from all three judges for his soul-stirring shayari. It was the first time that Amar Raj Singh, Owner, Gamma Pizzakraft, India and Sri Lanka, bared his heart through his words that not only gave goosebumps to the audience, but also left the judges with moist eyes. Undoubtedly, declared Winner of the show, Amar Raj Singh shared a few lines on his win, “Jaane kya baat keh di is raat aapko maine – Lagta hai dil se dil ki rah mila di maine.” [I don’t know what it is I said to you tonight, but it seems to have led a straight line from my heart to yours.]

An auction for a cause
Bringing the focus back on the children that Genesis Foundation supports, there was an auction of a painting donated by a renowned artist, Satish Gupta. Satish is one of the most multifaceted artists in India today. He is a painter, sculptor, poet, printmaker, skilled draftsman, muralist, designer, calligrapher and ceramist.
For the auction at CEO’s Got Talent, Satish contributed his painting Ganesha from his Cosmic Matrix series. The auction was conducted by Agnelorajesh Athaide along with anchor, Mini Mathur. The proceeds from the auction will go to Genesis Foundation to support the treatment of critically ill under-privileged children.

With this, the exciting evening came to a close, leaving behind a lingering sense of an evening well spent, both, from an entertainment viewpoint as well as from the satisfaction

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Satish Gupta: An artist with a heart of gold

CEOs Sing Events, Events

Ganesha sculptureThere is an age-old argument—does art imitate life or does life imitate art. Whichever side of the argument you are on, there is no denying how intricately the two are linked. But when art leads to saving lives, this relationship takes on a whole new meaning. This is what happened when internationally renowned artist Satish Gupta donated his painting Ganesha for an auction to benefit the children supported by Genesis Foundation. It is because of his generosity that some of the GF kids will get a chance at life.

GarudaThe auction was held during the recently held FremantleMedia’s CEO’s Got Talent in New Delhi. The beneficiary of the event was Genesis Foundation and the proceeds of the event and the auction are going into the treatment of critically ill children from underprivileged backgrounds. Even as the CEOs competed for the coveted top spot during the contest, the evening was replete with reminders of the cause and it all came to the fore during the auction.

Ganesha, the painting Satish donated, is part of his Cosmic Matrix series. The series is another showcase of the influence of mysticism and Zen philosophy on Satish’s work. In his extremely multi-faceted artistic expression (he is a painter, sculptor, poet, writer, printmaker, skilled draftsman, muralist, designer, calligrapher and ceramicist) the unifying theme is his intensely spiritual reflection.

Lotus SutraAn artist with more than 33 solo shows, Satish’s artworks have adorned important art galleries in India and abroad. These include shows in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Calcutta, London, Paris, Altea, Murcia, Amsterdam, San Francisco, New York, Washington and Melbourne. He has also participated in several group exhibitions across the world.

Vishnu2Besides exhibitions, Satish’s artworks can also be viewed at some of the most iconic buildings and establishments. The Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi is the venue of his Surya sculpture—4 feet high and made of copper. The Jindal Centre, again in New Delhi, houses a 10,000 kg, five-piece sculpture made by him and inspired by the five elements. The ISHA Foundation in Coimbatore is home to the Utsav Murti of the Goddess Devi. He has created a lithograph as part of the official Beijing Olympic Portfolio as the only Indian artist.

Vishnu3Aside from spiritual themes, Satish also paints portraits, landscapes as well abstracts. His The Eyes of Thar is a series accompanied by a book and published by Mapin. The set is a collectors’ delight for sure.

Painting_11Satish is a prolific writer, expressing his views and emotions in prose as well as poetry. Haikus, essays, articles in the press—Satish’s literary expression is as thought-provoking and inspiring as his art.

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Musical route to saving little lives: Genesis Foundation’s JadhavGADH Music Festival 2014

CEOs Sing Events, Events

10421317_10154658009425599_99717821037592276_n (1)
A little less than an hour out of Pune, ensconced in post-monsoon lush hills, exuding historic charm, Fort JadhavGADH has everything you would need for a rejuvenating weekend. Add music and a chance to give back to society, and you have a mix that re-energises you body, mind and soul.

10689773_10154658071565599_5287416654642687275_nThe second edition of Genesis Foundation’s JadhavGADH Music Festival had all this and more. The weather gods smiled as the hailstorm of the previous days was forgotten and the sun shone on the festivities at the Fort. After all, the Festival had a worthy aim—to raise financial support for the medical treatment of 10 critically ill children. This noble cause brought 200 people and 5 fantastic brands together for an evening that was not just magical, but transcendental because of the way everyone came forward to do their bit—the bands, the audience, the sponsors, the organisers and of course, the GF team.

10653544_10154658071335599_6408684197455237383_nAfter rigorous sound checks and tune-ups, the evening was kicked off by GeetuHinduja. Someone who believes that music should be a celebration for life, GeetuHinduja is a Mumbai-based singer/songwriter, who has been performing for over two decades. With her guitar, Geetu’s songs tell vivid and evocative stories picked from experiences and inspirations from life.From soulful to foot tapping, Geetu set the mood for the evening. From Hope and Shivoham to a cover of Boots are Made for Walking, Geetu took the audience through a rollercoaster of emotions, giving the evening just the perfect start.

Setting the stage on fire from get-go, AtulAhuja was next. He got people up and excited with classic rock covers, including I Feel Good, Soul Man and Where the Streets Have No Name, among others. This was one high-octane performance that had everyone clapping and singing along.

10671294_10154658070945599_1948736055722272199_nFrom classic rock to Indian folk/fusion—Swarathmacame next, giving the audience yet another reason to sway, tap their feet and even jump in abandon. Starting with their hit Topiwalleh, followed by the super soulful Sur Mera, Swarathma drew the audience in and then let loose some high-energy numbers, including Koorane, which brought out the animal spirit in everyone.

Taking a funk and EDM turn, Shaair n Func changed the mood again, turning the venue into a dance floor. Known as one of the most fascinating musical duos in alternative and electronic music genre, Shaai’r and Func is a Mumbai-based music band that was formed in 2007.

10334382_10154658069705599_4192419796298585606_nBringing the evening to a close—and what a close!—were Parikrama, who gave yet another power-packed performance. Kicking off with Am I Dreaming, they played crowd favourites, including Vaporize and Xerox, and closing the night with Whiskey Blues.

As night fell, the audience walked away with the satisfaction that it was an evening well spent. There would be 10 smiling faces that would agree with them.

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11th CEOs Sing for GF Kids

CEOs Sing Events

After a successful run in Mumbai and Delhi this year, Genesis Foundation is back with the 11th edition of CEOs Sing for GF Kids, to be held at 7.00 pm on Saturday, 30th August, 2014, at the ITC Gardenia, on Residency Road, Bengaluru.

This fund-raiser will help save lives of 8 GF Kids. Genesis Foundation (GF) supports critically ill under-privileged and orphan children in the areas of cancer, cardiac disorder, post organ transplant, thalassemia and extreme deformities. We Give Life a Chance.

CEOs Sing for GF Kids attracts a great line-up of talented CEOs who volunteer their time and talent for this fund raiser event. Each CEO sings a couple of songs of their choice and entertain the guests, who through purchase of table/seats, will help raise funds for GF Kids.

For the 11th edition of Genesis Foundation’s CEOs Sing for GF Kids, to be held in Bangalore,
10 CEOs will enthral the audience with their music –

Sanjay Kapoor, Chairman, Micromax Informatics Ltd
P Balaji, MD, Nokia India Sales Pvt Ltd
Sanjiv Sarin, Regional President – South Asia, Tata Global Beverages Ltd
Sanjay Purohit, Managing Director, Levi Strauss (India) Pvt Ltd
Sulaiman Jamal, CEO, Bevel Gears India Pvt Ltd
Dr Thomas Chandy, CMD and Chief of Orthopaedics, Hosmat Hospitals
Biren Ghose, Country Head, Technicolour (India )
Sanjay Purohit, CEO and MD, EdgeVerve Systems Ltd.
Natarajan Viswanathan, Country Head, IKS International
Ajit Saldanha, CEO, Eventually
Manoj Nair, Co-Founder & President, Novel Office Spaces
Ashok Genomal, CEO, Jockey India
Arati Rao, Founder, B-Flat
Bruce lee Mani, Thermal and a Quarter

Participate and support the cause by buying donor passes for a table or seats –

Dolly Malvai – Ph: + 91 98112 68189 – email:
Geeta Verma – Ph: +91 9910179519 – email:

Table of 8 people: Rs.60,000
Individual: Rs.8,000 per head
This includes entry to the event, complimentary bar and dinner

Cocktails will be sponsored by Pernod Ricard.
More sponsorship options are available and listed below.

Sponsorship Options & Benefits:
Pankaj Lal – Ph: +91 98108 83871 – email:

Gold Sponsorship: Rs.400,000
Deliverables: Branding on donor cards & backdrop;
Sponsor may display promotional material at event (standee/Brochure);
Sponsorship credit through announcements at the venue
Complimentary 6 invites

Silver Sponsorship: Rs.300,000-
Deliverables: Branding on backdrop;
Sponsorship credit through announcements at the venue
Complimentary 4 invites

Bronze Sponsorship: Rs.200,000
Deliverables: Branding on backdrop;
Sponsorship credit through announcements at the venue
Complimentary 2 invites

GF is registered under section 80-G of the Income Tax Act of 1961, which entitles 50% tax exemption. 100% of funds raised are dedicated towards treatment of critically ill children as all overhead costs are borne by the Trustees.

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13 CEOs of India Inc Sing to Save Lives of 8 GF Kids

CEOs Sing Events

Gurgaon, July 19, 2014: Genesis Foundation today, brought together a very impressive line – up of 13 CEOs from the corporate world of Delhi and Mumbai on a common platform at Genesis Foundation’s CEOs Sing for GF Kids, held at the Crowne Plaza Today, Gurgaon, Haryana , where they sang to save lives of 8 underprivileged critically ill children. In this unique fundraiser, these CEOs demonstrated their singing talent with their repertoires ranging from Elvis Presley to Kishore Kumar songs, to raise funds in order to facilitate medical assistance to GF Kids!

The event, held in Gurgaon on Saturday, 19th July, 2014, was an evening of musical fun, where these CEOs performed to entertain a gathering of more than 200 guests, with their singing abilities. Entry to this fundraiser was through donor passes and the funds raised from this event, will be utilised by Genesis Foundation to provide financial support for life-saving and life-changing medical intervention for 8 critically ill, under-privileged children.

The CEOs who took the time to participate were –
Sanjay Kapoor, Chairman, Micromax Informatics Limited
YM Deosthalee, Chairman & Managing Director, L&T Finance Holdings
Niren Chaudhary, MD, Indian Subcontinent, Yum! Restaurants International
P Balaji, MD, Nokia India Sales Pvt Ltd
Mehmood Curmally, MD, Rhythm House, Mumbai
Vipin Raheja, CMD, Napino Auto and Electronics Ltd
Raman Kapoor, MD, Superama India
Ajay Kaul, CEO, Jubilant FoodWorks Ltd
Shireesh Joshi, COO, Strategic Marketing Group, Godrej
Dinesh Mirchandani, President India, Boyden Global Executive Search
Geetu Verma, Executive Director Foods, Hindustan Unilever
Sunil Sachdeva, Co-Founder, Medanta Medicity
Dr Sudipto Pakrasi, Chairman, Div. of Ophthalmology, Medanta

The audience was left spell bound with renditions of Kishore songs by P Balaji, Vipin Raheja and Ajay Kaul. Sanjay and YM Deosthalee sang Mohd. Rafi and Manna Dey songs! Mehmood Curmally, Sudipto Pakrasi, Niren Chaudhary and Geetu belted out foot-tapping western numbers.

Prema Sagar, Founding Trustee of Genesis Foundation said, “An event is successful when people and performers come together in a magical way – this was truly one such evening when more than 200 people clapped and sang along with the CEOs, for a very meaningful purpose” “We appreciate the commitment from these delightful CEOs – not just for taking the time but for lending their voice as well to support GF in facilitating treatment of under privileged and orphan children, she added.

On this occasion, Genesis Foundation did the first public screening in the National Capital Region, of a short film on the Foundation’s activities. The film, curated by noted film maker Ketan Mehta, show cases the work GF does with critically ill children, hospitals and fundraising events. Ketan Mehta, who could not be present due to prior commitments, in his message said, “Health as they say is wealth and Genesis Foundation is indeed creating a true wealth – that is inclusive and not exclusive. Great work!”

Deepa Sahi, well known actress and film producer, in her message said, “It is organisations like Genesis Foundation that restore my faith in humanity in these cynical times where money is considered the only purpose of life! Thank you Prema and Jyoti Sagar and all the volunteers of Genesis Foundation, who are showing the world how to give, not just take…”.

In order to raise resources to facilitate medical assistance to GF Kids, GF has created unique participative fund-raising events involving music, art and food. Some of these events are:
The Kasauli Rhythm & Blues Festival, JadhavGADH Music Festival, CEOs Sing for GF Kids, CEOs Cook for GF Kids, Musical Evenings, Art Shows, Theatre, etc. GF is also the beneficiary of CEOs Got Talent, produced by FremantleMedia.

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