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From the time a couple is told that in nine months they would be blessed with a baby, they start weaving dreams. What will playing with their baby be like? What will the baby eat? What are the things they will teach their baby? These and many more such thoughts start swimming in the minds of parents to-be. And these thoughts only grow in the nine months. Then comes the day they have been waiting for. The doctor hands over a little life cozily bundled up in a sheet, a moment that’s bound to bring tears of joy in every parent’s eyes. But imagine these tears of joy turning into tears, just tears, which have no hope. Imagine finding out that your little baby suffers from cardiac disorder, the treatment of which is possible, but unaffordable.

There were parents in such unfortunate situations to have approached Genesis Foundation hoping to get their child a chance to live. The babies who were brought to us had barely seen the light of the day and suffered from a life-threatening disease. 8-hour-old baby of Shabna, 7-day-old baby of Alphy Rajan and 1-month-old baby of Sajeera were among the 26 children brought to the Foundation and were admitted for treatment at Amrita Hospital in Kochi.

Amrita Hospital is a large tertiary care multi-specialty hospital founded by Mata Amritannandamayi. It caters to patients from India and abroad with special emphasis on charitable activities. The kids brought in were under the care of Dr Raman Krishna Kumar, Director Paediatric Cardiology. All the 26 kids were supported with funds and underwent a successful treatment. The parents who had come with hope in their hearts returned home with the hearts of their child beating strong.

At Genesis Foundation, we believe that every child has the right to live and that no parent should lose his/her baby due to lack of funds for the treatment. All the children who were under our care are now happily living a life that they deserve.

Every Drop Counts – Prema Sagar

About Genesis Foundation, Kids in Need

We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.

– Mother Teresa

We began the year with a very heartening realisation—that we had supported the treatment of over 800 children so far. And yet, it’s the task ahead that gives us sleepless nights, and that is when I remind myself of these inspiring words above by Mother Teresa. They motivate us to do more, even when the task ahead is daunting. And they remind us that every drop that I do and you do will together add up—together we can and we should support these children of our world.


A BIG Thank You

The year gone by gave us several reasons to be grateful—not the least of this is the faith that our hospital partners, NGO partners and individuals continue to place in us, giving us the opportunity to support more and more children.

The other big reason is the number of people who joined us in our fight for each child’s Right to Live. From organisations like the WPP Foundation, which made us their CSR implementation partners, to CEOs who took the time out to cook, sing and enjoy with us while raising funds for our cause, to small and big media and corporate organisations partnering with us for our events, it was humbling to see that a little spark can ignite so many good intentions.


And finally, the icing on the cake—the beautiful inside-out actor, humanitarian, Dia Mirza, coming on board as our Ambassador. In her, we haven’t just found a persuasive and selfless evangelist for our cause, but a dear friend of GF for life.

Reaching Out

We also took major leaps this past year in reaching out to more and more people through our outreach channels. At the beginning of the year, we launched our mobile app, GF Live, which aims to give you all our updates on your fingertips. Our media outreach—both traditional and social, including video content—went up leaps and bounds, and that has brought more and more well-wishers into our folds.


Our favourite touch-points, our music and other events, also grew this year. The cult success of Kasauli Rhythm & Blues Festival prompted us to debut its Goa avatar, the Goa Rhythm & Blues Festival, which made a great start. Similarly, the rising popularity of our CEOs Sing events led us to host the first 40 CEOs Sing For GF Kids event, where corporate bigwigs teamed up and competed against each other. CEOs from all across India flew in to join us in this effort and supported us by contributing their time and efforts.


The outreach, the events are all our way to reach out to more people and make them aware of the growing criticality of our cause. There are more than 150 children that are there on our list of children who need our immediate support. Raising support for them has us reaching out to any and everyone who can help. We launched our first crowd-funding campaign on the online platform to get even more people to donate. You could go there now and donate.

Of Goa, music and the joy of giving

Goa Rythm and Blues

Just the word evokes images of sun, sand, sea, and sanguine indulgence. Add music and a weekend to the mix and you have the makings of a really good time. Then to that, add the joy of giving back—and you have Goa Rhythm & Blues Festival.

After Kasauli, Goa!
After the immense success and cult status that Kasauli Rhythm & Blues Festival has achieved, we wanted to take that same experience to other parts of India and get more people to connect with our cause—supporting the treatment of critically ill, under-privileged children. We did an informal poll with our supporters and realised that Goa was the first choice!

The lives that ignite the spark
As days progressed, bands, supporters and partners joined us one by one (see all their details here). The proceeds of the event would go into supporting the treatment of 15 critically ill children (meet these children here).

After months of preparation and anticipation, the days of the event—October 30 and 31, came. The sun was showing off its might as the bands due to perform on day 1 did their rehearsals and sound checks. The buzz in the air was palpable—we were on to something good!

Day 1: What a beginning!
Opening the festival, Herman Abreo Blues Band, got the Goa in GoaRnB going. Herman’s blues blended with the setting sun to give the festival the true Goa languid beginning. By the time he wound up his performance, Herman had reeled the audience into the Festival’s mood.

Herman was followed by Aviv Pareira Project, which for the first time joined hands to perform with British acoustic artist Spencer Maybe Pearce. Together they upped the ante of the evening by infusing energy into the audience.

Changing the tone, Divine Raaga brought in some Indian flavour to the proceedings. From the monkey madness of Bura Na Dekho, Bura Na Bolo to the lilt of Des, and then segueing into Bollywood classics, they got the audience to their feet.

And then came Soulmate, that bluer than blue band from that treasure chest called Shillong. Soulmate really got our souls engaged. To build on one of their songs—Blues was their business and business was good!

Closing the spectacular day, Sun turned the event venue into one giant dance floor as he belted out electronic mixes of classic rock and pop numbers.

Day 2: What a day!

If the first day was about blues, folk and dance, Day 2 started on the same note, with Bangalore band MoonArra. Ministry of Blues played the classics and hit the highs with Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds. They gave way to The Doors of Perception, who brought the spirit of Jim Morrison to Goa.

And then the skies opened up. The festival had stirred up the weather Gods, who came down with all their might. But that just made things really interesting. With the help of venue partner Vivanta By Taj Fort Aguada, we shifted the excitement to a covered part of the hotel, where after a warm up, Shilpa Rao unleashed her magical voice on the audience. From Maula Mere Maula Mere to Mudi Mudi, Dhol Yara Dhol to Duma Dum Mast Kalandar, Yaariyaan to English Vinglish, Shilpa got everyone dancing, singing and ending the Festival on a crescendo.

Thank you and see you next year!
As the wrapped up, we all went home with a smile on our faces, doubly wide because we knew that there were 15 lives that would get their smiles back too!

What more can we say, but thank you to the bands, the partners, the supporters, and the people that all came together for this truly spectacular debut of GoaRnB. We leave you with these words of appreciation by some of them:

Some thank you notes…
It was a wonderful feeling to be part of Genesis Foundation first R&B festival in Goa. We were touched by your warmth and hospitality. You and the team from encompass extended personal warmth and courtesy to all the musicians and that makes all the difference. The work that you are committed to is inspiring.
Jaggi and all of us from MoonArra
Neil and I had a great weekend. We are very pleased and happy to support the foundation and be involved.
John Gillman – Fitbit
We did make a lot of new friends – thanks to GoaRnB 🙂 We’re extremely fulfilled we were a part of this wonderful cause! We wish GF the very best! 🙂
Divine Raaga
Thank u for having us and always count on our support. We loved the sound venue and especially the VIP treatment we received from u and the guys from the team 🙂 – Much love and keep up the great work!
Aviv Pereira
For more details, click here

Where less is more!


‘Little drops of water make the massive ocean’ is something we hear on a daily basis, but how often do we ponder over the meaning of the term? At Genesis Foundation, we truly believe that even the smallest of contributions can be that drop in the ocean and contribute to be a part of something bigger, making you a part of something more meaningful. With this idea, we launched the ‘Power of 100’ initiative – a way of allowing each individual in an organisation to be a part of saving lives.

A payroll giving program, Power of 100 seeks voluntary contributions of Rs 100 (or more) from members in an organisation from their monthly salaries towards Genesis Foundation. The small amounts together make a larger number which in turn translate into a bigger cause of saving little lives.
It’s a shame that India, hailed as one of the rising superpowers is also home to one of the largest number of critically ill children affected by cancer, thalassemia, cardiac disorders, organ failure, and extreme deformities. The ‘Power of 100’ initiative aims to empower individuals and organisations to help us curb this menace and ‘Give Life a Chance’.

At a time when we tend to splurge enormous amounts on trivial things, a contribution lesser than the price of a cup of coffee allows one to be a part of saving an innocent’s life. An organisation’s association with this initiative not only converts this small amount into a life-saving figure, but also creates socially responsible citizens.

With private establishments getting increasingly aware about their social responsibilities and seeking to contribute towards the betterment of social environment that they operate in, Genesis Foundation provides an excellent opportunity towards building a brighter and a healthy future for country.

To view Press Articles of Power of 100, click here

An event where songs would support little souls…

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ceo sing

The evening of July 11 and August 22 had stars who rule the corporate boardrooms gather in Gurgaon and Bengaluru to rock the cities with their singing performances. The 13th and 14th edition of CEOs Sing for GF Kids was hosted in Gurgaon and Bengaluru respectively where the funds raised would support 18 critically ill under-privileged kids. This fundraiser series is a platform where CEOs not only showcase their singing talent, but spare their time and perform to support the treatment of little kids suffering from cardiac disorder, cancer, thalassemia, organ failure and extreme deformities.

Banner image

Being experts in their profession, the CEOs displayed equal expertise when it came to singing. From legendary songs of yesteryears to foot-tapping contemporary numbers, our CEOs had mastered them all! While Gurgaon danced along to the tunes of theme Bollywood, Bengaluru swayed to a karaoke theme. The event at Gurgaon began with Krishnan Chatterjee, Senior Vice President & Head of Strategic Marketing, HCL Technologies who set the tone for the evening and had got the audience singing along with his very first number. And once music was in the air, everyone sang and danced along as all the popular numbers of Kishore Kumar were rolled out by Ajay Kaul, CEO, Jubilant Foods, YM Deosthalee, Chairman & Managing Director, L&T Finance Holdings, P Balaji, Dir. Regulatory & External Affairs, Vodafone India Ltd Vipin Raheja, CMD, Napino Auto and Electronics Ltd and the other star CEOs.


Intoxicated with music and up on their feet all through the evening, it wasn’t easy to bring down the curtain as towards the end, with the songs reverberated the words ‘once more!’, ‘Once more!’ What got sparks of excitement floating in the air was that the CEOs obliged to the wishes of the audience and encore it was!
The city of rock music lovers – Bengaluru – was no different from the vibe that was created in Gurgaon and previously in Mumbai. What came as a delight to the audience was that the lyrics of their favourite numbers were being rolled on the screen and then of course, there was not just one voice, but the entire ballroom singing the songs. CEOs – Arati Rao Founder, B-Flat, Dr Thomas Chandy, CMD and Chief of Orthopaedics, Hosmat Hospitals, Ramesh Jude Thomas, President & CKO, EQUiTOR Value Advisory Pvt. Ltd, Philippe Haydon, CEO, The Himalaya Drug Company and the others – gave the audience a flavour of all the popular peppy and classic English numbers.


Wrapping up the CEOs Sing for GF Kids series for the year, it was a proud feeling for not only the team of Genesis Foundation, but also the performers and the audience as their contribution would now give little kids a chance to live.

To view the highlights of Gurgaon, Click here

To view the highlights of Bengaluru, click here

Genesis Foundation supports the treatment of 12 little kids at Frontier Life Line Hospital

Success Stories

ceo sing

Diagnosed with various heart ailments, these little kids from villages, with inadequate medical facility needed critical medical care, to get their fragile, young hearts beating strongly again. With contribution from Genesis Foundation, the kids were treated by the renowned cardiac surgeon Dr K M Cherian at Frontier Life Line Hospital. Dr KM Cherian, one of the foremost heart surgeons of India, has the first paediatric heart transplant in India to his credit. These young fighters are now well on their way to recovery. A truly satisfying and gratifying feeling for all of us at GF and we look forward to the GF and Frontier Life Line Hospital partnering to save many more lives. Here’s what Dr Cherian had to say: “We are grateful to you for helping patients from our hospital.”

Genesis Foundation supports the treatment of critically ill under-privileged children below the age of 18 years belonging to families where the monthly income is less than Rs 10,000.

To view the kids supported by Genesis Foundation, click here

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CEOs sang to save lives and gift smiles


ceo singTo view pics and videos, click here

On June 13, 2015, the ballroom of ITC Grand Central, Mumbai was abuzz with an anxious excitement as the performers of the evening tuned in their guitars, rehearsed their songs, discussed their costumes and eagerly waited for the show to begin. It was an evening where the performers at corporate boardrooms had gathered to showcase their singing talent at the 12th edition of CEOs Sing for GF Kids to raise funds for the treatment of critically ill under-privileged children.

Banner image

As the evening opened to the guests, the star CEOs, who until a while back were in their casual outfits at the rehearsal, now entered looking dapper – some in crisp formals and others in their performance costumes – ready to conquer the evening and the hearts of the audience with their singing prowess. The very first performance lit up the stage and got the audience up on their feet, clapping and humming the song. The show began with Vinit Store – CEO, Quadron Business Park Pvt Ltd who performed a duet with his son, followed by another duet performance by P Balaji – Director Regulatory & External Affairs, Vodafone India Ltd and his daughter Nikita. V Vaidyanathan – Chairman and MD, Capital First took the audience by surprise with his Elvis Presley costume and the hall not just resonated with his songs, but also with whistles and cheers. The duet performances also included some foot-tapping numbers performed by CEOs Dinesh Mirchandani and YM Deosthalee. After a spree of duets came solo performances where CEOs – Ashwin Deo, Pankajj Chaturvedi, Sanjay Tandon, Hitesh Gajaria and Geetu Verma – rolled out some peppy numbers, which the audience happily danced to. The visually dramatic and musically enthralling grand performance on Phantom of the Opera by by Mehmood Curmally – MD, Rhythm House and his partner, Sanaya gave a perfect finishing stroke to the evening.


A cause that brought CEOs together to celebrate and contribute was successful as the funds raised benefitted the treatment of 6 critically ill children who are now on their way to recovery. And what can be more gratifying than to know that the melodious songs that entertained the audience that evening brought sweet smiles on the faces of little children and their families…


Kasauli Rhythm & Blues Festival: Striking chords to save lives


Crisp mountain air caressing your face, a breathtaking vista where puffs of clouds play hide-and-seek, and riffs and beats of sweet ‘n’ sizzling renditions floating past you: This is what makes Kasauli Rhythm & Blues Festival magical, iconic and, increasingly, much-anticipated. Far away from the stress and worries of city life, the quaint, quiet town of Kasauli transforms into an idyll where the soul thrives on music, mountains, friendships, and most importantly, the joy of giving.


Bigger, better than before
Kasauli Rhythm & Blues Festival 2015 was no different in that sense. And yet, in many other ways, it was much more than that. It was bigger, better and went far beyond—to support the medical treatment of 15 critically ill under-privileged children, more than ever before.

The Festival, now in its fourth year, hit huge highs that included a heady concoction of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Pop, Folk Fusion and Sufi, had a whopping attendance of more than 650 people—a housefull—and won tremendous media coverage.

Magical performances on day 1
Day 1 of the event dawned with bright sunshine and a buzzing of anticipation, which only heightened when Barefaced Liar took stage.
They gave a rocking opening to the festival, setting the tone with a high-energy performance.

Then came Sonam Kalra, who reached into the very soul of every person in the audience, making them look inside and be joyful for the opportunity to be there and listen to her soul-stirring voice.

From soothing, the atmosphere when to electrifying as Kutle Khan and his group took stage, giving them a taste of the desert at the top of a mountain. And as if that wasn’t enough, Sonam and Kutle embarked on a jugalbandi that will go down forever as a special moment in life for everyone who heard them.

Whirling Kalapas came next, keeping the excitement and the energy up. Their very special Monkey Dance actually had the audience jumping around like monkeys!


The day ended with an electrifying performance by Swarathma, who took the excitement, the energy and the mood up to a crescendo. It was just the performance to end the day with, though nobody really wanted the day to end. What a Day 1 it was!

Day 2, and the rain couldn’t stop us!
The generous sun of day 1 hid behind angry clouds on day 2, and rain threatened to wash away the spirits of the music enthusiasts. But despite the downpour, the notes still soared high, the crowd still swayed and sang with the bands and above all, the purpose remained undefeated.

blog-img3In the day, before the day gave in to the excitement of the evening, there was a session of CEOs jamming. The session brought out hidden gems of talent and had everyone joining in, celebrating music, friendship and just a happy time together.

When the afternoon was washed with rain, the day 2 performances began indoors with Do Dost, which had the rain-soaked day brewing with an all new crisp enthusiasm and energy. Do Dost was an ensemble with Niren Chaudhary and Deepak Castellino, and they performed poems written by Niren’s daughter Aisha, who recently succumbed to an immune deficiency disorder and pulmonary fibrosis at the young age of 18 years. Aisha is an inspiration to everyone and her talent, spirit, optimism and sheer brilliance shined through every word her father sang. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room, and yet, there was a smile on every face. The audience joined in, celebrating Aisha’s life. Aisha’s memoir, My Little Epiphanies, is available here, and the proceeds go into the treatment of GF Kids.

And then it looked like the rain gods were letting up, and the stage was set again for the evening. The Supersonics took no time in getting the audience up and dancing, and ended their performance with a really unique version of Raghupati Raghav. AkshayDeodhar was next, getting people on their feet and dancing along.


The Disparrows came next, upping the ante with some rocking numbers. Coming all the way from the US, The Disparrows chose the Kasauli Festival for their debut performance in India, and what a show they put up, braving the rain as it came down again.

When it looked like the rain was there to stay, the show was moved in again, with Vasu Dikshit of Swarathma setting up an impromptu performance as people settled in. Packed to the hilt, the hall inside Baikunth became the new venue as Suneeta Rao performed her famous Paree Hoon Main and Ab ke Baras. The rain was forgotten and the audience was swaying in no time.

Finally, Rabbi Shergill took stage and the hall reverberated to the tune of the audience singing along with him. Each number, each note hit the right chords, giving the festival a fitting finale and leaving everyone with a night to remember for a long, long time.

So long, and thanks for all the memories
On Day 3, the brunch at the Kasauli Club came with a serving of army bands performing lilting tunes that everyone joined in. And just like that, it was time to leave the mountain and music behind, and set course for home. But this time, with memories that will keep bringing back a smile—a weekend well spent, a chance to make a difference. The euphoria, the spirit and the level of participation, despite the rain, made this year’s festival one to remember and cherish for a long time.


A ‘trendy’ festival
This edition was the first time where the noise of Kasauli Rhythm & Blues Festival resounded across social media channels, which got in huge participation through Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. The online contests supported by our sponsors and the bands helped in increasing the reach so much so that #KasauliRnB trended at no. 3 on day 1!

The festival was abuzz with a photos, with not just a selfie mania, but also with Samsung sharing framed photos taken with their new S6 and and GF photo stall capturing memories in a frame as well.
Also, to bring together as many people for the cause that the foundation supports, Genesis Foundation launched an app – GF Live (downloadable on iOS and android) through which one can have easy access to all the information and activities of the Foundation. You can download the app here.

You can catch all the updates, photos and videos here.

Making a BIG difference
The extravaganza and the entertainment at the event was unparalleled, but the most gratifying feeling that came along with its success was the fact that 15 little, under-privileged kids suffering from cardiac disorder, thalassemia, cancer and deformity; the cost of the treatment of which is prohibitive, would receive the medical care that their families could not have afforded. You can read more about the children here.

The two days of the festival at Baikunth Resorts, followed by an afternoon brunch had generous donors and musicians come together to Give Life a Chance. And with this festival, the chord that struck the loudest was that where there is a good deed involved, neither hail nor high water could seep in to dampen the spirits…

Get all the action of Kasauli Rhythm & Blues Festival 2015 here.

Fight against childhood cancer can be heart-breaking, but YOU can make a difference

Kids in Need

World Cancer Day: Every year it comes as a reminder—those who live with it obviously don’t need a reminder—but for those who can make a difference. The reminder is important, because most of the time we don’t realise the enormity of the problem. And when we miss that, we also miss the opportunity to do our bit to join the battle against cancer. What is tragic is when we miss the opportunity to help those who could have been saved, had help reached them at the right time.

According to reports by the World Health Organisation (WHO), the incidence of cancer in general and in children in particular is on the rise. In India, from being the eighth or ninth cause of mortality (among diseases), it has risen to the second position, just behind heart ailments. Among these, 15 percent are children, as against the global average of 0.5 percent. And most doctors will tell you that most of the childhood cancers are treatable.

What does that mean? It means that the fight needs more soldiers. It needs us all—doctors, hospitals, people with funds, pharma companies, corporates, civil society—to work together against this increasingly common and unfailingly vicious enemy.

That is why Genesis Foundation chose cancer as one of the critical illnesses to focus our efforts on. What we find most heart-breaking is when the only reason a child loses his or her battle against cancer is that the parents don’t have the funds for the treatment. It is the most helpless situation for a parent to know that their child can be saved, but they don’t have the means to save them.

Over the years, Genesis Foundation has supported children suffering from cancer. These children come from all parts of India, from both, big cities as well as small towns. Most children meeting the Foundation’s criteria are usually found through partner organisations (significantly, orphanages and other NGOs) and medical camps. Often, though, it is the hospital themselves that reach out to the Foundation for support for the children that may have come there for treatment.

Once the child-in-need has been identified, the Foundation takes a two-pronged approach. On the one hand it releases funds to the hospital to meet the child’s immediate medical needs, and on the other hand, it prepares funds for consults with the child’s doctors for further treatment that may be necessary. Every small and big contribution helps. Journeys of several miles all begin with the first step. So it is critical for all of us to come forward and work together to support these children and their families.

The fight is tough and the soldiers too few, with heart-break lurking just around the corner at all times. That heart-break is what we are working to alleviate. We want YOUR help in making that happen. In some cases, we have been successful, and in others, we soldier on.

When CEOs don chef hats for kids’ treatment


What does doing good taste like? Succulent galauti kebabs with crisp parathas? A nourishing bowl of khao suey? Or maybe the sweet and tangy mix of crêpe suzette with berries? And what about the aroma? Does doing good smell like a dollop of butter sizzling in the pan as it waits to roast a clove of garlic? Or does it have the sharp flavours wafting from a Hunan grill?

Saturday, February 7, 2015, gave us the answer to these questions—the smells and taste are all these and more. On this day, when the sun made an extra-special appearance to shoo away the winter blues, 11 CEOs traded their suits with aprons and chef hats. This was the 11th CEOs Cook for GF Kids, an event where CEOs get behind the counters to dish out a delectable spread and raise funds for critically ill children. At this one, there were 11 CEOs, spanning various industries, raising funds for 8 children who needed support. They displayed their flair for cuisines ranging from Mughlai to Burmese, French to Brazilian, Hunan to Italian.

The invitees also included the who’s who of the corporate world, donating their time as well as money to fulfill the event’s aim. Together, the Celebrity Chefs, the invitees, the sponsor and the partners helped make the event a huge success, with funds covering the treatment of all 8 children.

For everyone at the event, the fun, food and laughter were just one part of the story—it was these 8 children that mattered the most. Of these children, Preeti and Grebeally suffer from cancer, Daksh and Irfan are due for surgery to fix extreme deformities, while Arooh, Arnav, Subhi and Affan are all undergoing treatment and surgeries for cardiac disorders. Their treatments range from Rs 22,000 to over Rs 3 Lacs—costs that their parents and care-givers simply cannot afford. Through the day it was the thought of these children that made everything a lot more meaningful and satisfying.

Even as the Celebrity Chefs indulged their culinary flair, the invitees tapped their feet to live music played by Melvyn Fernandez, Pragnya Wakhlu and Akshay Deodhar, with impromptu performances by those in the audience as the day progressed.

The day was filled with fun, laughter, conversations, delectable food and just the sheer spirit of the cause. At the back of everyone’s minds was a realisation that there were 8 lives that we made a difference in. The glow that emanated at the end of the day was a testimony to that.

To view the highlights of CEOs Cook for GF Kids, February 7th 2015, Gurgaon, click here

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