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Kids Supported


Eight-month-old Bilal is the only child to Hafiz and Asmeen who live in Uttar Pradesh. Around four months ago, Bilal got diagnosed with pneumonia so they consulted a local doctor. He was given medication, but even with this the fever did not subside. They were referred to Aligarh Muslim University Hospital, where an Echo was conducted. This showed that Bilal had a hole in between the lower chamber of his heart – commonly known as a Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD). Once again they were referred to another hospital for further treatment – Max Hospital, in Delhi. Fortunately, when he was examined in Delhi they found that the hole had good circumference, so he did not require an open-heart surgery and it could be closed with the help of a device in a Cath Lab. The surgery has already been done, and this case has been supported by our CSR partner – Assets Care & Reconstruction Enterprise Ltd. With thanks to their support, we were able to take the burden off the parents as they could not afford surgery. Hafiz is a labourer who earns Rs 5000 per month, it’s been a struggle for him as a sole earning member to even work due to running around hospitals trying to get his son treatment. His dreams are just for his son to get better, and to do his best as a father to educate him through school and ensure he is a good person. We are happy we have been able to be part of this journey with the family.


Mubashshir, nearly two years old is the second child of Salman and Rashida. A week after his birth, both parents noticed that the baby was turning blue and showing difficulty when it came to taking his mother’s feed. They took the baby to the local district hospital where doctors gave some medicines and asked them to take the child to Lucknow for further management. As time passed, both parents were extremely confused as to what needed to be done. A relative of theirs lived in Kanpur, so when Mubashshir was around six months old his parents took him to a government hospital there. An echo was conducted which showed that their son was suffering from a congenital heart disorder called Tetralogy of Fallot. The doctors informed the parents that the only option to save their son was to go to Delhi, so they set on their way with the help of family. They were brought to Max Hospital, in Delhi where he was seen by a Pediatric Cardiology Team, who put him on a follow-up along with medicines as Mubashshir was found to be underweight. The parents returned in December for surgery, but the next hurdle to cross was how were they to afford it? Salman, is a labourer earning Rs 2000 per month, naturally he was not in the position to put together the funds required. The doctors at Max Hospital reached out to us for help so Mubashshir could get an Angiography. With the help of our CSR partners ACRE, we were able to support the family’s medical expenses and his surgery was successful. He is recovering in the ICU and will be discharged soon. Together, we were able to save one more heart.


Sonakshi, five years old is the second child to Kamal and Sunanda, who live in Agra. From the day she was born she suffered due to a congenital heart disorder. At the age of one, she developed pneumonia so she was rushed to a government hospital, where medications were administered. The doctors noticed that she had an irregular heartbeat, they were asked to consult a cardiologist. They were broken, distraught – not a clue on what they should do. As time passed, Sonakshi kept suffering with regular bouts of pneumonia and the signs of growth were not good. Luckily, a relative notified the parents of an outreach program that takes place in Agra itself with doctors from Max Hospital, Delhi. Kamal took Sonakshi and they were asked to come to the capital for the exact diagnosis to be made. Upon their arrival and tests that were conducted, it was determined that she had two holes in the heart – a Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA) between the descending Aorta and Pulmonary Artery and the second hole was in between the lower chamber of the heart (VSD). There was a silver lining luckily, as the holes had good circumference so she did not require open-heart surgery. The holes could be close with the help of a device in a Cath lab. The procedure due on 13th December will be financially supported by our CSR partner ACRE, as Sonakshi’s father has a monthly income of Rs 5000 which he earns as a labourer. Sonakshi, attends school and enjoys drawing so after her recovery she can enjoy her hobby and school without the burden of a life-threatening health issue.

Kids Supported


Vaishnavi, nine years old is the eldest daughter to Rajesh Kumar and his wife Pooja. The family live in Agra where Vaishnavi attends school and is in Class III. Around six months ago, she developed a high fever so her parents rushed her to a local pediatrician who found she had an irregular heartbeat. The doctor advised the parents to consult a pediatric cardiologist. Both Rajesh and Pooja were completely clueless, they didn’t know how to consult one and with what means they would be able to make this happen. Luckily, the pediatrician referred them to Dr Neeraj Awasthy who told them about an outreach program Max Hospital conducts in Agra itself. The screening showed that Vaishnavi had a hole in between the upper chamber of the heart (Atrial Septal Defect) and that she needed to come to Delhi for a more detailed check-up. She has been admitted for surgery, which Rajesh cannot afford as he earns Rs 7000 per month as a tailor. With the support from our CSR partner – Sennheiser, we have been able to pay for the surgery and relieve the parents and give Vaishnavi a chance to live.


Love, is only seven months old and the first-born to Brajmohan and Meena who live in Bareilly district, Uttar Pradesh. Since birth, Love had breathing problems and also difficult in taking feed. Both parents, consulted a local doctor who prescribed medication. Unfortunately, with each passing day the problem worsened. The local doctor advised them to go to Delhi for further evaluation and management. So Brajmohan and Meena made their way with their little baby to Max Hospital, Saket. An Echo was conducted which showed a hole in between the descending aorta and pulmonary artery, commonly known as a Patent Ductus Arteriosus. The hole fortunately had good circumference, so it was possible to close with the help of a device, an open-heart surgery was not needed. Brajmohan is a labourer earnings Rs 3000 per month, the costs of surgery were much too high for him. The doctors at Max sought help from us and with the support from our CSR partner – Sennheiser, we were able to relieve the parents of the financial burden and get Love the treatment she needed urgently, to live.


From the city of Agra comes Vinni Singh who is a 2 year old boy and the second born to Arpita and Ashish Kumar from Agra. Since birth Vinni kept unwell. She was born with a Pneumonia and would have recurring instances of cough and cold. On being severely sick throughout, Vinni’s parents decided to take her to a local doctor. While cold and cough was a regular affair, the doctors found out that the child had an irregular heart-beat. On the first consultation, Vinni was given some medicines and asked to return after 6 months. While her health seemed stabilised, she continued to have fever. Unable to find an answer to recurring health issues, the doctors in Agra asked the parents to consult a paediatric cardiologist. The parents were guided to consult doctors from Max Hospital who visit Agra as part of their outreach program. Ashish took Vinni to the outreach OPD where a hole in between the upper chamber of heart (ASD) was identified.

The parents were asked to come to Delhi for detailed check up. At Max Saket after the Echo being performed the diagnosis for the child was confirmed. While the ASD would remain to be a life-threatening condition, it was found that Vinni’s, hole had good rims. Which meant that the heart could be healed sans an open heart surgery. A non-invasive device surgery was performed by the skilled doctors at Max Saket resulting in a healthy beating heart for Vinni. An extremely grateful set of parents, Ashish thanks Genesis Foundation’s CSR Partmer- Sennheiser and Genesis Foundation which helped them save the life of their beloved son. Ashish works in a private factory earning around Rs. 4000 per month. Given his present earning condition, he would have not been able to afford the cost of the surgery. Vinni who underwent the procedure and was discharged in a stable condition.


Rahul 3 years is the second child of Shayam Lata and Bantu Singh from Agra. Rahul had poor growth and used to get regular bouts of cough and cold since birth. Around 6 months back, Rahul caught a high grade fever. His parents alerted took him to the district hospital where doctors detected an irregular heartbeat. Rahul was soon given medicines and asked to consult a pediatric cardiologist. So young at age, the parents weren’t expecting the child to have heart problems. The economical and emotional burden for both parents was at peak. Bantu being a farmer, earning Rs. 3,000 per month could have not afford healthcare for his child and he saw all hope being lost.

The parents were shattered to know that Rahul was diagnosed with a big hole in between the upper chamber of heart (ASD). On a family friend’s recommendation, the parents got Rahul to Max Saket. After a detailed check and an Echo being performed. The parents were counselled for surgery. The doctors at Max sought help from us and with the support from our CSR partner – Sennheiser, we were able to relieve the parents of the financial burden and get Rahul the treatment he needed urgently, to live .


Vansh 6 years is the second child of Manoj and Jayanti. They hail from Bulandshar district in Uttar Pradesh. Vansh has a history of poor weight gain , recurrent chest infection. About 3 months back his parents took him to Meerut where doctors detected that he had irregular heart beat. After an echo being performed Vansh was diagnosed with PDA (hole in between the Descending Aorta and Pulmonary Artery)). He was referred to Apollo Hospital in Delhi for further treatment. Vansh’s father, Manoj is a farmer earning Rs 5000 per month. With great difficulty they could arrange a sum of Rs 10,000 for the treatment. The doctors then further sought help from Genesis Foundation who with the support from our CSR partner – Sennheiser, we were able to relieve the parents of the financial burden and get Rahul the treatment he needed urgently, to live. Vansh underwent PDA Device Closure and was discharged in stable condition.

“We are very happy to be associated with Genesis Foundation for the noble cause of saving little hearts. It is heartening to see that till date Genesis Foundation has saved more than 1300 children. We at Sennheiser have always embarked on the journey of connecting people to happiness, be it through music or through our initiatives. Seeing these children smile despite all they have been through is an unmatched feeling and we urge other individuals/companies to come forward and do their bit to help these children. From volunteers to donors to music lovers, this platform truly brings together people from all spheres of life for a compelling cause. We continue to pledge our support toward Genesis Foundation and wish them all the luck going forward. One smile, can change how you look at life and your little effort can truly give a beating heart a chance to beat stronger and longer. #SaveLittleHearts”

Commenting on the endeavor Vinu Cheriyan, CFO & Director (Operations), Sennheiser India