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The Story of Devansha

Being a single mother has it’s own challenges, but those are made much tougher when mothers like Arul Kalai Selvi find out that their young ones are bound with the stresses of a life threatening disorder. Devansha, her daughter got diagnosed with Ventricular Septal Defect, a heart defect when she was only three years old. What was assumed to be a case of typhoid was found out to be one of the most life altering diseases any child could have.

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Ashish Salunkhe

Ashish Salunkhe, two years old from Maharashtra, is suffering from a heart disorder – Pulmonary Stenosis where there is narrowing of the Pulmonary Valve. He has been prescribed a Cath Lab procedure where the valve is opened with the help of a balloon. This procedure will take place at Jupiter Hospital, in Mumbai. His father Ajay, is ward boy I a private hospital and earns Rs 5000 a month. He cannot afford surgery and has reached out to us for financial support giving us one more opportunity to save another little heart.


Litheashan, nearly one and a half years old is from Tamil Nadu. He was born with a congenital heart disease, which has caused a single ventricle physiology. In this case, one of the chambers of the heart has not fully developed. The doctors diagnosed him with complex heart disease and recommended that the baby go to Chennai for treatment. A very sad twist amidst all this hardship was that the father walked away after Litheshan’s birth and disowned the family. The mother, Lavanya now stays with her father as she has no one else to support her. Kesavan, her father is a retired clerk from the state government and he supports his daughter and grandson on Rs 10,000 a month. Lavanya, after getting advice took her son to Chennai where he underwent a Bidirectional Glenn surgery and he has been discharged thankfully in a stable condition. The family has been told that between three and four years of age, he will need to undergo another surgery called Fontal Completion.


One year old Aayat, had quite a journey with her parents from Baramula, in Jammu & Kashmir where they live to Delhi. There was a landslide on their way down, so they had to walk around 12km on the highway with their little girl in their arms, as they were desperate to get their daughter treated. When they finally reached the train station, they boarded the train to Delhi. They arrived at Max Hospital, in Delhi where they were told that their daughter was suffering from a cardiac disorder called Tetralogy of Fallot (TOF) and required corrective surgery. Aayat’s father Imtiyaz is a carpenter and earns Rs 5000 per month, paying for surgery was farfetched and he just couldn’t afford it. We were able to take this financial burden off the parents and pay for the Aayat’s surgery at Max Hospital. She is now back home and well on her way to recovery and resuming a normal, healthy life with her family and friends.

Abdul Ahad

Abdul Ahad, 3 months old from Aligarh is the third child to Chhote and Shahana. They have two other daughters, this has been the first boy in their family. He was born with a heart disorder known as Transposition of Great Arteries (TGA), and his parents initially showed him to a doctor at Aligarh Muslim University Hospital. The doctors had given him temporary medicine and referred the child for further investigations to Delhi. When they got to Delhi, Abdul’s parents took him to a government hospital where they were refused admission and with a miracle, they learned about the work we do, and they contacted us. He was taken to Max Hospital, and on admission they found his saturation levels were a low 60% along with infection. Abdul was first stabilized and then operated on. His father is a welder and brings home Rs 4000 per month, with which it is a herculean task to manage a large family and now a surgery – the only key to his son’s survival. That’s where we have been able to step in and provide financial comfort with medical costs. Thankfully, the surgery has been successful and the little one has been discharged in a stable condition.


Niranjan, eight years old from Tamil Nadu, has been suffering from a heart disorder – Tetralogy of Fallot and requires a Conduit Replacement at Miot Hospital, in Chennai. His mother Kokila and father Natrajan have two sons. Niranjan is currently studying in school and has a passion for singing. His parents want nothing more for their little boy to get the treatment he deserves, to live. Natrajan is a farmer and earns Rs 5000 per month, with which it is impossible to support the surgery. They have reached out to us for financial support and this case will be supported through The Aara Project, an extension of Genesis Foundation.