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The Story of Nagaragu

One and a half year old Nagaragu is the baby of Mani and Pullatama who live in Chitoor District in Andhra Pradesh. He is the third child to the family. Two weeks after he was born, Nagaragu developed a high fever and rapid breathing. His parents took him to a local hospital where he was stabilized and referred to a government hospital for further tests.

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The Story of Devansha

Being a single mother has it’s own challenges, but those are made much tougher when mothers like Arul Kalai Selvi find out that their young ones are bound with the stresses of a life threatening disorder. Devansha, her daughter got diagnosed with Ventricular Septal Defect, a heart defect when she was only three years old. What was assumed to be a case of typhoid was found out to be one of the most life altering diseases any child could have.

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Naveen Kumar

Naveen Kumar, 8 years old from Andhra Pradesh, is the only child to Murgesh and Kavitha. Since birth he has had to deal with the hardships of having a Heart Disorder. To be precise, the diagnosis has been narrowing of the Aortic Valve and Aortic Stenosis. His parents were both a little unaware of the problem and it’s seriousness. With each passing age, Naveen developed breathlessness and could hardly walk. They took their son to the local district hospital where the doctors diagnosed him with a Heart Disorder and referred him to a higher center for treatment. The parents took their son to Chennai, in search of answers and they were direct to Miot Hospital for further evaluation. The parents were counseled for surgery – and Naveen’s father who is a laborer earning Rs 5000 per month could not put the funds together to pay for his son’s only solution to live. Through your donation via The Aara Project, we have been able to support his surgery. His Aortic Valve has been repaired and he is on a new path to recovery. Naveen is a school going child – attending first grade, we have been able to give him the opportunity to go back to school.

Hema Kumari

Hema Kumari, three years from East Godavari District in Andhra Pradesh has been diagnosed with a congenital heart disorder – specifically, a Ventricular Septal Defect which requires surgical closure. This procedure has been scheduled at Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences in Hyderabad. Her father Srinivas is a farmer, he brings home Rs 3000 with which he supports his two children and wife. Putting together the finances required for the cost of surgery, is impossible. They have reached out to us for support and we are dedicated in ensuring Hema gets the treatment she requires.

Little Hareem

Little Hareem, is two years old and lives in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh with her parents. She was born with a congenital heart disorder where a hole in the upper chamber of the heart was detected, this is known as an Arterial Septal Defect (ASD) there is also a leakage in the Mitral Valve. She needs an open heart surgery to close the hole and repair the Mitral Valve. Her father Israr is a tractor driver and earns a monthly income of Rs 4000, with which he supports his wife Noor and elder daughter who is six years old. They understandably struggle managing finances in the house, and have been unable to meet the costs required to save their daughters life. That’s where we can step in with your support to save each little heart, one by one.


Hamdan is a four month old boy from Kerala. He underwent d a VSD surgical closure at the Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre, in Kochi. His mother - Suheera is a housewife and father – Aboobacker, a labourer with a monthly income of Rs 5000. We at Genesis Foundation financially supported the cost of surgery giving Hamdan a chance to live with a healthy, happy heart.

Sheetal More

Sheetal More, ten months old from Maharashtra is suffering from a congenital heart disorder called Tetralogy of Fallot and requires corrective surgery scheduled at SRCC NH Hospital, in Mumbai. Her mother Pooja is a housewife and father Vittal is a vegetable vendor who earns Rs 3500 per month. It is impossible for him to put together the funds required for his daughter’s surgery and requires support, so they have reached out to us at Genesis Foundation.