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Swati, 2 years from Gwalior, is suffering from a cardiac disorder and requires a PDA device closure at Jaypee Hospital, Noida. Her father Bhoorendra is a laborer and earns a monthly income of Rs 3000. Him and his wife Rajvati have two children and on his earnings it is impossible for him to meet the costs required to ensure Swati gets the treatment for a healthy life.

Mahendiren Jaykumar

Mahendiren Jaykumar, 14 years from Mumbai, is suffering from a rheumatic heart disease and requires ballooning of the aortic and mitral valve, a surgery that will be done at LTMG Hospital, Mumbai. His father Jaykumar is a laborer and earns Rs 6000 per month. With this income he supports his family of four – two children and his wife. He needs support financially to make the payments for his son’s treatment and road to better health.


6 years old from Agra had since birth, suffered from a hole in the lower chamber of her heart. Her father was a poor labourer and due to financial constraints faced by the family, Sakshi’s surgery could not be performed for this period. Recently, she had undergone a VSD device closure fully sponsored by Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Sarita Vihar. The family was wholeheartedly thankful to Genesis Foundation and the hospital for supporting the surgery and saving their daughter’s life.

Robi Pitar

Robi Pitar, 4 years from Chattisgarh, is suffering from cardiac disorder and requires a fontan operation – where a conduit is placed between the IVC and pulmonary artery. The impure blood from the lower part of the body enters the lungs directly, bypassing the heart. This procedure is due to take place at Max Hospital, Delhi. His father Rajesh is an electrician and brings home Rs 5000. He is unable to pay for his son’s surgery and had reached out to us for financial support.

Durga Bhavani

2 months old and was born with a hole in the lower chamber of heart. She was the second child to her parents who live in Pudukottai district. After her birth she had problems in feeding and regularly suffered from a cough and cold. A camp was organized by Amrita hospital in Pudukottai, where the nature of her heart disease was diagnosed. After which her parents brought Durga to Cochin for surgery. Being a salesman, her father earned only Rs.5, 000 per month and was in no position to afford the cost of the surgery. Genesis Foundation took on this financial hurdle for the family to ensure that this little baby got a chance to live a healthy life.