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Baby of Poornasree

Baby of Poornasree, one month old from Kerala, requires a surgical closure of a Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD) a heart disorder. The surgery conducted at Amrita Institute, in Kochi was the only life-saving measure and sadly parents Roopesh and Poornasree were unable to afford it. Roopesh is an electrician and earns Rs 4000 per month, bringing together a large amount for the medical costs and intervention was impossible. This is where we at Genesis Foundation were able to step in, and take the burden away – giving the baby an opportunity for a healthy life.

Baby of Shabnas

Baby of Shabnas, only four days since birth was diagnosed with Transposition of Great Arteries (TGA) and required an Arterial Switch Operation. In this specific problem, the two main blood vessels of the heart – the Aorta and Pulmonary Artery arise from the wrong chambers of the heart and need to be surgically corrected. The baby’s surgery due to take place at Amrita Hospital, in Kochi posed it’s own set of issues for her parents. Father Shahul, is an auto driver and earns Rs 8000 per month, it was impossible for him to afford the surgery but he wanted to find a way to get the treatment his daughter deserved. The hospital reached out to us at Genesis Foundation and we were able to financially support this case through the Aara project.


Little Mithresh, only 2 months old from Tamil Nadu was diagnosed with a congenital Heart Disorder – namely an Atrial Septal Defect (ASD) and Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD) where there is a hole in the upper and lower chamber of the heart. His mother Indumathi and father Muthukumar have two children, little Mithresh and an elder daughter who goes to school. Muthukumar is a farmer and earns Rs 4000 per month – he struggles to have their daily needs met so the surgery required for his son is a life-saving measure they want to take but cannot afford. The surgery scheduled took place at Miot Hospital in Chennai.

Baby of Surekha

Baby of Surekha Prasad, only three days old from Thrisur District was diagnosed at birth with a Heart Disorder that is referred to as an Obstructive Total Anomalous Pulmonary Venous Connection (TAPVC). In this life-threatening condition the pulmonary veins from the lungs terminate at the right atrium, instead of the left and needs to be surgically corrected. This surgery was conducted at Amrita Institude of Medical Sciences, in Kochi. Her mother is a house wife, and father is a laborer who earns Rs 8000 per month. This is their second child, and they have been at a complete loss to try and get together the funds required to save their daughter. Luckily, the baby has shown positive signs of recovery and we can be grateful that with your support we were able to save one more little heart.


Thirteen-year-old Kalaivani, is Kasturi’s oldest child. With four children, who she is taking care of single-handedly, Kasturi’s job is not an easy one. Kalaivani’s CHD has been an additional source of concern for Kasturi, who works odd jobs earning around Rs 5000 per month, in Tamil Nadu. When Kalaivani was around six years old, she had a fever for which she was taken to the doctor. The doctor detected an irregular heartbeat and referred her to a private hospital. where an echo showed Kalaivani was suffering from a complex heart defect called tetralogy of fallot (hole in between the lower chamber of heart and narrowing of the pulmonary valve). With financial support from the government and other philanthropic organizations, Kalaivani was able to undergo surgery, and recovered. About six months back she started getting regular headaches, and an episode of a fever that refused to subside, took her to the local doctor again. The doctor referred them to a pediatric cardiologist in Madras Medical Mission, for a detailed evaluation. An echo revealed that there was a narrowing in the left pulmonary artery, and doctors told Kasturi her daughter would have to undergo a procedure to remove the obstruction. Kasturi was in a fix as to where the money would come in from. This is where we stepped in, as was able to provide financial assistance for Kalaivani’s surgery under the Aara Project


Anuska, five years old was brought up in Tamil Nadu with her parents Sakunthala and Subramaniam. She is their second child, and their lives were turned upside down when they realised their daughter was unable to play or do anything that resulted in any form of physical exertion. She was suffering from a heart disorder and had been prescribed surgery – a mitral valve repair at Miot Hospital. Her father – a farmer earns Rs 5000 per month with which he could not afford the required life-saving surgery.


Arushi, eight months old from Uttar Pradesh, was only six days old when she had pneumonia for which her family consulted a local pediatrician. She was referred to go to Varanasi, where the necessary investigations were conducted. It was found that the child had a heart defect and required urgent surgical intervention. The thought of surgery on such a young baby worried her parents so they took their daughter to Mumbai for further medical management. The family consulted KEM Hospital for her treatment and was put on a waiting list. There was no date that was given to the family for the surgery so the pediatrician referred the baby to Seven Hills Hospital, where the surgery could not be performed so once again the family was referred to a different hospital – Fortis Hospital, Mulund for surgical closure of multiple VSD (hole in the lower chamber of the heart). Arushi’s father Ravindra and mother Aarti were struggling to bring together the funds required for the surgery. Ravindra, works in a dairy farm and brings home Rs 5000 per month, so they reached out to Genesis Foundation for financial support towards the medical costs.

Abhishek Somnath Chorghe

Abhishek Somnath Chorghe is the eldest child of Anitha and Somnath Chorghe, from Ghonshet village near Pune. The eleven-year-old is in class five, loves watching movies, and has found a favourite in Shah Rukh Khan. A year back government doctors visited Abhishek’s school for a health check-up for all the children. They found that Abhishek had an irregular heart beat and referred him to a government hospital in Pune. Somnath took Abhishek to the hospital where an echo was carried out. It showed that there was a narrowing in the aorta, the main blood vessel which carries pure blood in the body. He was given medicines and asked to come after a year. Meanwhile a free screening camp was being organized at Jupiter Hospital, Thane. Somnath came to know of this and took Abhishek to the camp. Here too an echo was carried out and the solution to the problem was explained. A stent had to be put in the aorta so that the narrowing could be opened. Somnath is a famer earning Rs 4000 per month, and he could not afford the cost of the surgery. He is immensely grateful for the support extended via the Aara Project.

Naveen Kumar

Naveen Kumar, 8 years old from Andhra Pradesh, is the only child to Murgesh and Kavitha. Since birth he has had to deal with the hardships of having a Heart Disorder. To be precise, the diagnosis has been narrowing of the Aortic Valve and Aortic Stenosis. His parents were both a little unaware of the problem and it’s seriousness. With each passing age, Naveen developed breathlessness and could hardly walk. They took their son to the local district hospital where the doctors diagnosed him with a Heart Disorder and referred him to a higher center for treatment. The parents took their son to Chennai, in search of answers and they were direct to Miot Hospital for further evaluation. The parents were counseled for surgery – and Naveen’s father who is a laborer earning Rs 5000 per month could not put the funds together to pay for his son’s only solution to live. Through your donation via The Aara Project, we have been able to support his surgery. His Aortic Valve has been repaired and he is on a new path to recovery. Naveen is a school going child – attending first grade, we have been able to give him the opportunity to go back to school.

Namrata Prajapat

Namrata Prajapat, seven years old from Bikaner, has been leading a normal, and what she thought to be a healthy life with a love for kabaddi. Her parents were in for a shock, when they realised that one of their two beautiful children required a device closure as she was suffering from a heart disorder that could cost her, her life. Her father, a labourer earns Rs 5000 per month and was not able to pay for the surgery, so they reached out to us for financial support. Namrata, is now healthy once again and is back in school thanks to the funds raised through the Aara Project.


Niranjan, eight years old from Tamil Nadu, has been suffering from a heart disorder – Tetralogy of Fallot and requires a Conduit Replacement at Miot Hospital, in Chennai. His mother Kokila and father Natrajan have two sons. Niranjan is currently studying in school and has a passion for singing. His parents want nothing more for their little boy to get the treatment he deserves, to live. Natrajan is a farmer and earns Rs 5000 per month, with which it is impossible to support the surgery. They have reached out to us for financial support and this case will be supported through The Aara Project, an extension of Genesis Foundation.

Mohini Mistry

Mohini Mistry, twelve years old from Jalgaon, Maharashtra has been diagnosed with a congenital heart defect, in which the septal and posterior leaflets of the tricuspid valve are displaced towards the apex of the right ventricle of the heart. The surgery to repair the tricuspid valve scheduled at Jupiter Hospital, in Mumbai. Her mother Nilima is a house wife, as she looks after their three children. Her father Gulab is a carpenter and earns Rs 4000 per month with which he supports a fairly large family. Mohini, is the second born child in the family and used to get frequent bouts of fever since early childhood. Her parents would take her to local doctors who would medicate her, but over time her condition only worsened. This naturally affected her attendance in school. Luckily, the doctors from Jupiter Hospital conducted an outreach program and examined Mohini, they recommended she come to Mumbai for further evaluation. Her parents took their guidance and brought her – her case was further evaluated and more extensive examinations were done. Both parents were counselled for surgery, the only measure to save her life. It is the doctors from Jupiter Hospital that reached out to us to financially support this case as Nilima and Gulab could not afford surgery. She was operated on with a free valve donated from Medtronic India. While she was admitted in the ICU, she developed a complete heart block so a pacemaker was implanted and she slowly recovered. She has been discharged in a stable condition and we are rejoiced to hear that she is back in school.

Bhavesh Bhoj

Bhavesh Bhoj, four years old is from Maharashtra, and was suffering from Tetralogy of Fallot, a cardiac disorder. He underwent his first surgery a BT Shunt. As he turned four, he was due for another surgery where a branch of the Aorta, the Sub-Clavian Artery is connected to the Pulmonary Artery to increase the flow to the lungs and improve saturation levels. His father Yuvraj and mother Aruna have two children. Yuvraj is a farmer and brings home Rs 4000 per month with which it’s impossible to pay for surgery, so they reached out to us for support. We have supported this case through the Aara project, and Bhavesh is on the road to recovery.

Ilam Sindhan

Ilam Sindhan, 8 years from Chennai, was born with a hole in the lower chamber of his heart. Two days after he was born, the parents were told that the baby was suffering from a heart disorder and were referred to a private hospital. Ilam was given medicines and told to come for regular follow-up appointments for the next year. They were guided by being told that the hole would close on its own, and with this faith the parents went on with their daily lives. Until six months ago, when Ilam got typhoid. Upon examination, the hole had not closed so the doctors referred the child and his parents to Miot Hospital for further treatment. His father Bharathi and mother Ushavenmani were counselled, that surgery was their only hope. Bharathi, is a labourer who works hard and brings home Rs 5000 a month, with which he supports his wife and two children. They have an elder son who is currently studying in class 5. Managing the expense of this surgery was beyond his imagination. This is where we at Genesis Foundation stepped in, to take the financial burden away for the family and give one more beating heart a chance to live. Ilam, was operated on and is doing good, he is back to school and is attending class 2.


Adiba, 3 months old from Jaipur, had pneumonia and during the course of treatment the doctor detected a heart disorder. She was put on medication, and the family were told to consult a pediatric cardiologist. Her father Wasim and mother Shamin, took advice from a few local doctors who suggested that surgery was the only option. She required surgical repair of TAPVC (Total anomalous pulmonary venous connection) and ASD (Atrial septa defect). Wasim, works hard as a labourer earns Rs 6000 per month and could not put together the funds for the surgery, so they decided to explore other financial options for support. In April 2017, they visited the Fortis Escorts Hospital in Jaipur to consult a Pediatric Cardiologist and Cardiac Surgeon, who recommended the surgical closure – we at Genesis Foundation have been able to bear the costs for the little girls treatment through the Aara project.


Aahil is a three year old boy from Aligarh who was diagnosed with a congenital heart disorder – Tetralogy of Fallot. The corrective surgery took place at Max Hospital, that his father Mosam was not able to afford as he struggles to make ends meet on a humbly earned salary of Rs 4000 he earns as a labourer. We were able to financially support this surgery through the Aara Project– taking off this stress from the family and ensuring that Aahil is given a chance to live, with a healthy, happy heart.

Baby of Naveena

Naveena’s baby boy was born in PVS Hospital, in Kozhikode, Kerala. His CHD was diagnosed soon after birth, when his breathlessness came to the note of doctors. The baby needed emergency Total Anomalous Pulmonary Venous Connection (TAPVC) repair, and the parents were advised to take him to Amrita Institute. The baby was taken from Kozhikode to Kochi in an ICU ambulance, and was accompanied by his father, as well as his doctor. Upon arrival, the baby was received in the IMCU. Since the oxygen saturation of the baby was low, (65%), the baby needed an emergency TAPVC Repair, which was to be done in the next few hours. In TAPVC, all the four Pulmonary Veins from the lungs terminate at the right atrium instead of left atrium, because of which pure and impure blood mix and there is a significant increase in lung pressure. The baby’s father who works as an auto driver, earns around Rs 5000 per month thus would have been unable to afford the surgery for his first and only baby. Priyal and Amit Prabhu stepped in, and supported the surgery under the Aara Project, so the surgery could take place smoothly.

Muhammed Hashim

Muhammed Hashim is an eight-month-old baby from Malappuram, Kerala, and is the second child of Anisha Banu and Sameer Valapra. The baby’ s heart condition was detected by chance when during a vaccination at six weeks of age, the doctors detected a murmur. The baby had no history of recurrent respiratory tract infection, cyanosis or spells. An echo carried out at PVS hospital, Kondotty by Dr Rema Devi showed Tetralogy of Fallot (TOF). The baby then went to a trust hospital for free surgery but was put on a long waiting list, so was then seen by Dr Balu Vaidyanathan (Pediatric Cardiologist) and Dr Brijesh P K (CVTS surgeon) during the camp held at Malappuram CRAFT hospital in February 2018. The diagnosis was confirmed, and the baby came to Amrita Institute in March 2018 for a detailed cardiac evaluation. Sameer who works in a stationary shop earning Rs 3000 per month, could not have supported the surgery, but with the help of the Aara Project, we were able to give little Muhammed Hashim a new chance at life.

Mohammad Alfez

Mohammad Alfez, thirteen years old is from Jaipur. At the age of only one and a half, he got severely sick along with symptoms of breathlessness and cough. His family took him to a local doctor who confirmed that little Alfez was suffering from a congenital heart disorder. He started the baby on some medication and suggested that the parents consider surgical treatment. His parents could not afford it, so they decided to continue the medication and visit the doctor on a need to basis. Life took a very unexpected turn when Md. Alfez’s uncle got diagnosed with cancer and passed away due to the diease as the family’s attention got diverted and his health sadly got neglected. The doctor had stopped all medication as he was insisting on surgery. Md. Alfez’s father Mohammad Hanif works at a private travel agency, where the owner found out about Md. Alfez’s condition. The owner was knowledgable about the support that is available for children suffering from such ailments with no financial options so he recommended the family to go visit Fortis Escorts Hospital, in Jaipur. The family visited the hospital on 28th March 2017 where a clear diagnosis was made – Supracardiac TAPVC, Large Fossa Ovalis (Atrial Septal Defect) ASD, and a dilated RA/RV – the boy was recommended for Surgical Repair of TAPVC and an ASD closure. Financially it was still not possible for the family to bear such costs, as they were a family large family – Md. Alfez has two other siblings, so managing day-to-day expenses along with education takes a toll on the family who live on a monthly salary of Rs 10,000. Through the Aara Project, we have supported this case and managed to take away this financial burden from the parents. Mohammed Alfez loves to play badminton and his favourite subject is math. We are awaiting news on whether he has rejoined school, but relieved that he is well on his road to recovery.


Little Devadath from a village in Malappuram, Kerala, is now six months old. The baby was antenatally diagnosed to have a Congenital Heart Defect (CHD).The baby’s mother noticed a bluish discoloration of lips and peripheries. They went to a local hospital in Malappuram where the pediatrician suspected heart disease and referred the baby boy to a private hospital where prostaglandin infusion was given. An echo showed that he is suffering from a rare congenital heart disease called Double Inlet Right Ventricle. In this condition both the tricuspid and mitral valve open in the left ventricle. The right ventricle is poorly developed. The baby was then discharged on eighth day and staged surgeries were planned. The family consulted Dr Krishna Kumar in January 2018 and confirmed the diagnosis and first stage of surgery - BDGS. In Bidirectional Glenn the Superior Vena Cava is connected the Pulmonary Artery. Through this surgery more impure blood will flow to the lungs for purification and the oxygen content of the body will improve. Prasad who works as an industrial helper and earns Rs 5000 per month, which is no way close to the colossal sum required for treatment. The Aara Project came to the rescue and we were able to financially aid this adorable little child’s surgery.

Midha Sherin

Midha was just three years old when she was diagnosed with a heart disorder called Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA) which is a hole between the descending Aorta and Pulmonary Artery. Her parents Abdul Khadeer and Amabi are residents of Kannur in Kerala. Abudul is a welder, and earns Rs 5000 per month and has struggled to put the funds together for his daughter’s surgery. Midha was being treated at Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, in Kochi and was referred to the Genesis Foundation from there. The funds provided by GF through the Aara Project have helped this young girl undergo a device closure, which has granted her a healthy life.


Sanjay, five months old, is the third child of Manju and Govindan from Villupuram in Tamil Nadu. Fifteen days after birth he developed a fever alongside breathing problems. His parents took him to the district hospital where he was given medicines and referred to a private hospital for further investigation. Here an echo was carried out and it showed that little Sanjay was having a large hole in between the lower chambers of the heart – a Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD). They were again referred to a government hospital, where an echo was done again. Sanjay had poor weight and his growth was delayed. Doctors advised that he needed to be operated upon urgently, as the hole was large, which meant his lung pressure was increasing. The government hospital has no facility for the surgery, and so a doctor asked them to visit Miot Hospital. The parents were counselled on the immediate need for surgery. However, Govindan, being a farmer earning Rs 4000 per month could not afford the cost of the surgery. With the help of the Aara Project, we were able to support little Sanjay’s surgery so that he can go forward to live a healthy life.


Atib is the oldest child of Ruby and Iftkhar from Moradabad in UP. Around a year ago, Atib spiked a high grade fever for which his parents took him to a local doctor. There he was referred to the district hospital where doctors discovered that he had an irregular heartbeat. An X-ray was carried out and the doctor asked the parents to bring the child back after one year. During the year the child started developing breathing problems. Doctors from Max Hospital visit Bareilly as part of their outreach program. A local doctor informed Iftkhar about this and Atib was taken to the OPD. An echo was done which showed that he had a hole in between the upper chambers of the heart an Atrial Septal Defect (ASD). The parents were told that the child required open-heart surgery in Delhi to close the hole. Ifthkar is a laborer earning around Rs 4000 per month. Where would he raise the money, he wondered to himself. Luckily, we were able to come to this five-year old’s aid, with heartfelt thanks to the Aara Project.

Sree Balaji

Sree Balaji, 8 years old from Tamil Nadu, is suffering from a heart disorder – Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD) and requires surgical closure at Miot Hospital. Saravanan, his father is a labourer and earns Rs 4000 per month, with which he supports his wife and two children. The family required financial support to give their son the treatment he rightly deserves to live. Through the Aara project, an extension of Genesis Foundation we were able to provide this support.


Sivanand, only nine months old lives in Kerela with his father Renjith and mother Reshma. He is the only child to the couple, and since birth he has suffered with persistent fevers. Both Renjith and Reshma were consulting a homeopathic doctor for answers, but eventually decided to take their baby to a nearby local hospital where a Heart Disorder was detected. Fortunately, Amrita Hospital had an outreach program within their district, so the doctors asked the parents to bring Sivanand to Kochi for a detailed evaluation. An echo was conducted, and it showed that this baby was suffering from an AV Canal Defect, which means that the chambers of the heart were not formed properly and in effect the Tow, Mitral and Tricuspid Valves were not formed. Also, the left ventricle which pumps pure blood was severely damaged – an open-heart surgery had to be done for reconstruction. Renjith, a daily wage worker brings home Rs 3000 per month with which its impossible to put the funds required for surgery which is due in the third week of February. The donations received through The Aara Project will go towards paying for his treatment and saving this little heart.


Daksh, a one year old boy from Mumbai has been suffering from a congenital heart disorder. He required urgent surgical closure, however the family could not afford the surgery as his father Suhash Yadav earns Rs 6500 per month with which he struggles to make ends meet within his family and daily needs. He has been suffering from an Atrial Septal Defect, and has now been operated on at Fortis Hospital, Mulund and is now recovering in the comforts of his home. We supported this case through the Aara project.


Vinodh, 7 years old from Tamil Nadu, is suffering from a Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD) and requires urgent surgical closure, at Miot Hospital. His father Ramachandran, and mother Shakuntaladevi have two children and struggle every month on a humble salary of Rs 4000, which he makes as a labourer. They are unable to afford the surgery and required financial support to give their son a chance to live.


Rakesh Kumar has a small photo framing shop in Varanasi, and when his first child was born, he was excited at the thought of framing their family portrait to hang in his house, from his very own shop. He had no idea how tough the initial months were going to be for them as a family. When Ayaan was a month old he developed a chest infection and was admitted in a government hospital for his fast heartbeat, as well as poor weight gain. The child was discharged after stabilization and were asked to go to a metro city for follow up. An echo was carried which showed that Ayaan had a complex heart problem; transposition of great vessels along with pulmonary atresia. In this condition the two main blood vessels of the body originate from the wrong chambers of the heart and the pathway to the lungs is not fully developed. A doctor from Varanasi referred them to Miot Hospital in Chennai for further evaluation. The family fortunately was in a position to make the long journey to Chennai. There an echo was carried out once more which confirmed the diagnosis. The child had to undergo the first stage of operation, Bidirectional Glenn where the superior vena cava is attached to the pulmonary artery, there by reducing some pressure in the right chamber of the heart. While some of his friends contributed some money towards the surgery of the child, but it was still not enough to cover the costs. The Aara Project stepped in and we were able to give Ayaan a new lease of life and to make sure that Rakesh’s family portrait stayed intact.