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The HOPE program identifies children who are in need of urgent medical attention and works directly with their families, doctors and guardians.




Under the CARE program, we seek to build a network of doctors, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies, committed to saving the lives of critically ill, under-privileged children and work with them to provide medical support to GF beneficiaries.





Our GIVE program focuses on fund-raising initiatives. It is a unique designed programmed aimed at building a community committed to awareness, collaboration and participation of individual and institutional stakeholders - through events, CSR programmes, donations and crowd sourcing.


We have built a repository of current and valuable information across the area of health that we focus on i.e. Heart Disorder.



Our Story

Our founders Prema and Jyoti Sagar lost a child to Heart Disorder – Samir, who was born on December 20, 1983. It took them a long time to recover, and they spent a lot of time wondering why? No answers and a vacuum of sadness. In time they began working at Missionaries of Charity. It gave them a whole new meaning to life, and this is how the journey started as they felt they could reach out and assist in the best way possible – enriching the lives of others and their own.
Soon, they met two children – Sheela and Ravi – who further changed their lives and inspired them to take greater responsibility for the medical challenges that both these children were facing. Now – there is no end to this journey to save more and more little hearts.

Sheela's Story

Sheela (name changed) the daughter of a poor farmer was only 12, when she contracted a disease that left her facial features severely deteriorated. Missionaries of Charity blessed her life as they took her under their wing and cared and looked after her for over a decade. GF stepped in and contacted a non-profit organization in the US who dealt with corrective plastic surgery, that would be her saving grace as it would allow her to eat and breathe properly. Today, after more than 17 surgeries, Sheela is happily married and a mother of two healthy boys in the US.

Ravi's Story

Ravi's (name changed) father, a tea stall owner in a drunken stupor threw his son into a dry well. Only seven years old, he broke or dislocated every major bone in his body. He was taken to an orphanage and then with the help of an American lawyer - Eugene Mihaly, GF reached out to Ravi and contacted Shriners Hospital for Crippled Children in the US where he underwent multiple surgeries along with physiotherapy. He too, found a happy ending within an American family who adopted him, and welcomed him with open arms - he has been to school and even learnt how to swim! The success of these two experiences paved the way for a more structured organization in the form of Genesis Foundation, where we strive to truly Give Life a Chance.